Warm Memories

Yesterday we had a late cold snap after a few days of spring-like weather.  I loved the beauty of the snow coming down, but I did not like the drop in temperature.  As I grow older, I have become more sensitive to the cold.

At times like this my mind tends to fill with visions of summers at the beach when I was a pre-teen and teenager.  We lived a very short distance from the ocean shore, and I spent many happy hours swimming and surfing with my friends.  Later I was the proud owner of a small boat, and I used it to explore Masonboro Sound and some of the  surrounding waterways.

What nice, warm thoughts.

A view of Masonboro Sound near Wrightsville Beach. My little boat, with outboard motor, was not nearly so large as the one pictured above.
Southern tip of Masonboro Sound near my home. This is where I launched my boat.
Ocean strand near my home
In 1948 this young pirate came to the beach and captured my heart

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