Mores and Morals

Mores refer to the social conventions of a society.  They define what is acceptable behavior in that society.  Morals relate to those behaviors that an individual himself or herself believes to be right or wrong.  A person’s morals may or may not conform to the mores of the society of which he or she is a member.  An amoral person is one who has no morals – no sense of right or wrong.

The mores of Western Civilization were fairly fixed over a period of more than 1000 years, dating from the time that Christian beliefs and philosophy became dominant in Europe.  The standards were difficult to live up to, more often violated than kept, but they were the gauge by which civilized men and women were expected to measure their own conduct.  The emphasis was on God, family, and social order, sustained by a spirit of brotherly love and respect.

In recent years the moral framework of western society has begun to fall apart.  Contrary to the Judeo-Christian belief that certain moral concepts come from the very mouth of God, modern philosophers avow that there are no moral absolutes.  Anything goes.  Indeed, most progressive secularists apparently believe that the only totally forbidden act is to make a moral judgment about the behavior of someone else.  As a result, we have a society in free-fall.  Social attitudes and behavior that would have been unthinkable a few years ago are accepted as normal today.  Men are no longer men.  Women are no longer women,  The family has become an anachronism.  The world seems upside down.  Chaos reigns, and our children are adrift in a nihilistic wilderness.   

 I pray to God that we regain our sanity.

Turn to the One who is the source of all truth and the fount of wisdom itself. Turn to God!

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