These are difficult times for those of us who like to visualize our great nation as “a shining city on a hill.”   Our present leaders are projecting an entirely different image of America, and some Christian conservatives, out of a sense of frustration, are suggesting that our country can return to greatness only by finding its “roots” as a Christian nation led by public officials who profess and practice the Christian faith. 

I believe this view is too exclusionary.  All persons of good will must be enlisted if there is to be any hope of national renewal, and we must be wary of those who insist that everyone who is not a member of their own small group is “out of step.”  Over the years, pursuing their own narrow view of a perfect society, misguided and cruel men have done terrible deeds in the name of God, country or some alien ideology.  Also, in looking back, we should not view our nation’s past through a nostalgic mist that distorts reality.  There have always been struggles and vicissitudes, and the fight for truth and justice is never ending.  Our nation is in deep trouble, but It’s not too late to turn things around. 

I do believe, however, that one vital element is missing from the current scene.  Where is our God-given sense of vision?  From whence to we derive our concepts of purpose and direction – of right and wrong?  We need to return to our moral roots, roots that spring from the rich soil of our Judeo-Christian ethical heritage.

Let us dream again the “Patriot’s dream” of a nation crowned with brotherhood and filled with “alabaster cities. . . undimmed by human tears.”  Pray that America will come to its senses and recapture that dream of our forefathers.

“Without a vision, my people perish.”

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