Ruined City

Some years ago, I read a novel by Nevil Shute titled Ruined City.  It was about a town in England that had lost its industry and was in a state of severe decay.  Fortunately, in the story, a financier, through great effort and with much personal cost to himself, was able to revive the town and its citizens.

 Losing an industry is not the only way a city may be ruined.

Last evenings my grandson Scott showed me a podcast on YouTube entitled “Seattle is Dying.”  It was extremely disturbing.   I visited Seattle only one time.  It was in February 1953 when I was in the army and on my way to Korea.  My brother Harold lived there at the time, and I remember it as a very beautiful city.  How sad to see how it has deteriorated.

The podcast showed in disturbing detail how homeless mentally disturbed persons and drug addicts are occupying parks, downtown streets, and other areas.  Trash, used needles, and garbage appear to be accumulating everywhere, and the city is no longer a safe or pleasant place for families.

Unfortunately, city authorities seem unwilling or unable to deal with the situation.  Criminals are arrested and quickly released. Crime is rampant.

What is happening in Seattle is also happening in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Baltimore and other big cities in our nation because of the ill-conceived policies of the progressives.

It is not too late to change.  We must take our cities back.

One thought on “Ruined City

  1. What is happening in Seattle is no different that what happened to Detroit and other Democratically (aka socialist) controlled cities over the past 50+ years. I remember in the 1960s when the Federal government poured BILLIONS of dollars into Detroit in an effort to make it a MODEL city. How did that work out? How has it worked out in any other Socialist workers, aka The People’s, model cities, such as Havana or Moscow? Been to San Francisco lately?

    The process is simple; 1) the Socialists take control and pass a lot of pro-Worker or pro “little guy” legislation, 2) the businesses move out or shutdown due to the cost, 3) their workers lose their jobs 4) then the government pays to support everyone, 5) the government taxes everyone else to pay the cost of the benefits for those that can’t, or won’t, work 6) everyone that is able to, leaves. And let’s not forget that too many people simply skip from step 1 to step 4 and never bother to get an education or a job.

    Eventually all that is left is a lot of poor people living on government assistance with no education, no jobs and no opportunities, and living in cities that can’t pay their bills.

    I call it “how to ruin a city (or a nation) in six easy steps”.


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