In Pursuit of Justice

A gentleman named Spellman responded to my blog post “Tit for Tat.”

I truly appreciate all comments.  He has contributed more than once, and I find his input very interesting and helpful.

In my post I bewailed the never-ending investigations into the conduct of one’s political opposition.  Mr. Spellman responded:

“Your point is reasonable. Yet, fear of consequences deters people inclined to do wrong. And there are too few consequences for increasingly evil actions. Many social posts I read make it clear people grow beyond skeptical that those of wealth and power will be held accountable. Ever. That drives the population to be vigilantes, cry out for tit for tat investigations and witch hunts.”

Spellman is absolutely correct.  My post was impracticably idealistic and would never work in our current political environment.  I am as anxious as he is to see the sins of the DOJ and the FBI exposed.  Why hasn’t Hunter Biden been prosecuted?  Why haven’t certain provocateurs who stirred up the crowds on January 6th been arrested?  Why did the FBI lawyer who falsified documents pertaining to the Trump-Russia collusion investigation receive only a light tap on the wrist?  We’ll never get the answers from our current administration or a Democrat controlled Congress.  I fear that the truth will remain unknown unless the Republican’s take control and initiate their own investigations.

Pray for that day!

I hope I live to see it.

3 thoughts on “In Pursuit of Justice

  1. I love civil discourse! May we have more and more. The only thing is sanity is a prerequisite. You gentleman have both civility and sanity!


  2. Sandy,

    I thought about replying to the same post but I never did. In my opinion if the Republicans were ever going to investigate the misconduct of the Democrats then surely they would have investigated Hilary’s illegal fileserver, the absolute FARCE of an FBI investigation into her actions and her staff’s actions, her fraudulent money extorting charity, and Loretta Lynch’s collusion and secret meeting with Bill Clinton. The lists goes on and on. My point is that both parties threaten to investigate each other but RARELY do, even when they have good cause. Even when they have complete control of both houses of Congress and the US Presidency! The pretense of any Justice or Accountability in the US Congress is a complete SHAM and anyone that watches the evening news should already be well aware of that. Both parties like to point their finger at the other but in truth they’re all part of the same Good Old Boys (and now Girls) Network and despite their rhetoric, they RARELY hold each other accountable. Both parties hate outsider’s, like Donald Trump, far worse than they do each other.


    1. Joe, you are more cynical than I am.. Perhaps I am hopelessly naive, but I believe that there a still a few good men in Washington. Trouble is, the swamp is very big and deep, and there are lots of alligators and too few alligator fighters. However, if they stop the infighting and band together they might prevail.

      Trump was a great alligator fighter. We need him back!


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