Defending the Devil

 Churchill and Stalin

I confess that I do not understand Bill Kristol and George Will.  They were former stalwarts of conservative orthodoxy, but their hatred of Donald Trump led them to abandon the Republican Party and announce their support for Joe Biden during the 2020 election.  As far as I know, they have not expressed any regret for their actions.

I can understand these men’s dislike of Trump, but I have always believed that Trump’s greatest virtue was his opposition to the nihilists on the left.  I’m on the side of anyone who opposes those idiots.  My position is somewhat akin to that of Winston Churchill in June of 1941.  When Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, Churchill announced that he would give all possible assistance to the Soviets.  When reminded of his anti-communist tirades, Churchill said that he would have a few kind remarks for the Devil if Hitler invaded Hell.

I do not equate Trump with the Devil. He may have his devilish traits, but Biden, Harris and their minions are incomparably worse.  I will support anyone who stands up against these destroyers of democracy. The leftist progressives are anti-faith and anti-tradition, and in their quest for control they are shredding the Constitution and ripping our country apart.  We must throw the rascals out of office. I believe Trump is our most effective fighter.

Admit it, Bill and George.  You were wrong.

I would also remind Bill and George that Trump was a very successful chief executive while he served as our President — even though half of the population seem to despise him.  The media had much to do with their dislike.  The mainstream news people hate Trump with with a passion, and the feeling is reciprocated. Somehow, he managed to achieve many good things in spite of unending sabotage and opposition from Democrats and establishment Republicans.

It’s a strange world.

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