Study Mandarin

At the Paris Climate Accords, China and India were labeled developing economies; therefore, less stringent demands were placed on them than on the United States and Europe.  Nevertheless, China pledged that it would take significant steps toward reducing its greenhouse gas emissions.

President Trump did not trust them.  As they rushed to build the world’s greatest economy, he was convinced that the Chinese would allow no restraints to be placed on their industrial expansion.  As for the United States, he believed it would be foolish to handicap ourselves while allowing our chief competitor to run free.  Therefore, in the face of severe criticism, he abandoned the Paris Accords.

Trump was right.  It turns out that the conference only served to generate fine speeches and promises to be broken later.   China quickly demonstrated that it had no intention of living up to the accords and began building coal-fired power plants at a much faster rate than the United States and other western nations could phase out their own.  Chinese authorities explained that “energy security” is the basis for a “modern energy system,” and given the plentiful abundance of coal in China it is important to optimize its use while intensifying domestic oil and gas exploration.  In other words, “The world can pound sand.  We have a nation to rule.”

At the same time, China is expanding its army and navy and looking covetously toward Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

It is doubtful that the Biden administration will do anything about it.  Our President continues to push a green energy program and appears to ignore the Chinese threat.

Perhaps we should encourage our children to study Mandarin.

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