Study Mandarin

At the Paris Climate Accords, China and India were labeled developing economies; therefore, less stringent demands were placed on them than on the United States and Europe.  Nevertheless, China pledged that it would take significant steps toward reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. President Trump did not trust them.  As they rushed to build the world’s […]

Global Warning

First, let me say that I believe that our planet is warming.  The evidence is plain before us – gradually increasing global temperatures, melting glaciers and icecaps, etc. etc.  I believe that it is due in part to natural climate cycles and partly to human activity.  I seriously doubt the effectiveness of programs undertaken thus […]

The Leftist Obsession

Conservative political commentator Steven Hayward recently observed that “for the left, it’s racism all the way down. It explains everything, and has to be incorporated into everything now. Except when climate change explains everything, and has to be incorporated into everything.” I would add sexism.  For the left, sexism explains everything that racism and climate […]

Gas Lines

The Biden Administration makes no secret of its hostility towards the fossil fuel industry.  As part of its war against climate change, it has pursued number of aggressive moves against coal and oil producers.  For instance, immediately upon assuming office Biden shut down work on the Keystone XL pipeline.  Sometimes, the government’s green crusaders get […]

Twelve Years Till World’s End?

The Earth’s climate is changing.  It is getting warmer, the ice caps are melting, and the seas are slowly rising. The average Earth temperature has risen 1 degree centigrade since the beginning of the industrial revolution.  A further rise is inevitable, and the harmful effects are being experiencing world-wide. Experts are predicting that any increase […]