Shell Shock

I am experiencing something akin to shell shock, or what is now referred to as post-traumatic stress disorder.  The election results on November 3rd were devastating to my psyche, and it will take some time for me to recover.

I kept my hopes up until the very end.  I could not believe that the American people would elect a man like Joseph Biden.  But they did, and now we the people will suffer the consequences of our folly.  It makes me very sad.

I realize that President Trump contributed to his defeat by his often offensive remarks about those who opposed him – both Democrats and Republicans.  He needlessly alienated some of those who could have helped him — along with much of the electorate.  Nevertheless, I consider him to be an outstanding chief executive.  He had many impressive accomplishments in both domestic and foreign affairs, and I believe we will soon sorely miss his leadership.

My greatest anger is directed toward the media.  Most of the news executives and pundits hated President Trump, and they did not hide their disdain.  The major news purveyors abandoned any adherence to journalistic ethics.  They came out with venomous and often anonymous stories on Trump, but they refused to report damaging, multi-sourced  information on Joseph Biden.  The media absolutely reeked of bias.  I am certain that ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and others are now licking their chops, but they did a great disservice to the American people.  We can never trust them again.

At this moment I still have high hopes that the Republicans will continue to control the Senate.  If so, they can check some of the more radical legislation by those insane Democrats in the House.

God bless and protect our beloved country.    

7 thoughts on “Shell Shock

  1. Although President Trump made some offensive “tweets” I believe he could not understand why the citizens could not see how the news media was shaping their minds and actions. His foresight is so far ahead of most of us and frustration caused his offensive language. The news media is a huge contributing to his loss. If the Senate can hold on, Socialism will hit snags. I am really shocked the “red wave” did not come forward as we thought. I am so sorry for the entire Trump family and friends Let me know what you think of my thoughts. Betty Nov., 6, 2020

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    1. Betty, I agree with you. I pray that the Senate will hold firm. As for the news media, I will never forgive them for their dishonesty.


  2. Dad, I understand your feelings and concerns. Fortunately, truth will come out, our Constitution has many checks and bslances, and we have many good leaders i”n the pipeline ” after Americans see the downturns that Biden and Harris’s policies bring about. We definitely need more reliable news sources to document these effects. We can look forward to a conservative landslide in the 2024 election!


  3. A Peaceful Vote 👏

    A note of praise for Election Day: The American people exercised their right to vote peacefully around the country. Amidst a pandemic and unprecedented challenges, citizens turned out to make their voices heard and did so with respect. It is a welcome sign in such a divisive year.

    This turn of events defied predictions from some in the media. Many pundits spent the past week warning of voter intimidation and worse. Instead, millions of Americans — in historic numbers — stepped forward and cast their votes without fear. After Tuesday, we should all take comfort that the ballot box is still a place of peace.

    Of course, we still have work to do — but we know that Americans will always put in the hard work for our country. While we wait for full and final election results, let’s take heart from the example our fellow Americans set on Tuesday.


  4. Amen, Sandy. I feel the same way about everything you posted. Stunned, shocked, angered but also an American who supports whoever wins. I have great confidence that the Republicans will hold the Senate and that roadblock is an amazing part of our American political system of checks and balances. It will stop the leftist lunatics from packing the Supreme Court, from confirming far left appointees, or passing legislation sponsored by the anti-American Squad.

    Let’s just hope that Joe Biden stays healthy for four years of his soon to be assumed Presidency because after four years of the Democrats you will see a huge swing back the other way! All the best,

    Ken R


    1. Thanks, Ken. I take heart from the fact that there are so many Americans who feel just as we do.

      The sun will come out tomorrow.


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