Rotten to the Core

I hate to say disparaging or judgmental things about another person, but I cannot remain silent at this critical moment.  Much that I write here I have written before, but I must repeat these facts over and over again in the hope that it might influence a few misinformed persons to see the truth.  Every vote counts. 

Joseph Biden is rotten to the core!

Here is the evidence.

  • Joseph Biden was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, but his family moved to Delaware when Joe was a young teen. Biden attended the University of Delaware.  He always tends to brag about his intelligence and academic accomplishments, and during a recorded interview with reporters in 1987 he told them that that he had received three undergraduate degrees from Delaware and was the top student in political science,  Truth is, Biden received one degree, ranked 506 out of 688 in his academic class, and was nowhere near being the  top student in political science.
  • After graduating from Delaware, Biden attended Syracuse University law school.  Biden later told reporters that he attended Syracuse on a full academic scholarship.  That again was a lie.  He was on a partial, non-academic scholarship. During his first year at law school he plagiarized 16 pages of a law review article, and, upon detection, he had to repeat the course. He graduated from Syracuse in 1968, ranking 76 in a law class of 85.
  • Biden practiced law briefly, but he was not really interested in the law.  He had drive and ambition, was young and handsome, and he knew how to present himself well.  Politics was his passion, and he soon became fully involved in that arena. He was elected to the House of Representatives in 1970, and in 1972 he became a United States senator from Delaware.  Before he took his seat, Biden’s wife and infant daughter were killed in a vehicular accident.  Two young sons survived the crash. In the years following that tragic incident Biden repeatedly blamed the crash on an inebriated truck driver. That was a lie causing untold harm and pain to the truck driver.  Alcohol was not involved in the incident.  This was just one more instance of Biden’s life-long propensity to prevaricate and exaggerate.
  • Biden had a high level of personal charm mixed with ambition, and he slowly worked his way up the Democrat hierarchy in the Senate.  In 1987 he decided to run for the Presidency. His campaign started well, but it came to a crashing halt in September of that year.  One problem was that plagiarism again reared its ugly head.  During his stump speeches Biden copied several speeches and phrases from other candidates verbatim and without credit, the most damning being a speech by British Labour Party member Neil Kinnock.  Another problem was Biden’s gross exaggeration of his past accomplishments.  In a news conference with well-known reporters present, he made the previously described false claims about his undergraduate and law school academic achievements.  Once these lies were exposed, Biden’s Presidential campaign crashed and burned.
  • Biden’s Senate career was not particularly distinguished, but it was lengthy. He worked himself up close to the pinnacle of power in the Democratic Party, and he obviously hoped to reach the top. Though failing to receive the Presidential nomination himself,   Barrack Obama picked him as his running mate 1n 2009.
  • Very little stands out about Biden’s eight years as Vice President.  A low-light was the 800 billion dollar economic stimulus plan of 2009.  Joe Biden was put in charge of seeing the plan was properly implemented, and he and the President made some lofty promises about the forthcoming infrastructure overhaul.  The plan was an abject failure.  Only 98 billion of the 800 billion stimulus was dedicated to transportation and infrastructure, and only about 27.5 billion was actually spent on transportation infrastructure.  As Obama later admitted, “the shovel-ready projects were not so shovel-ready.” Biden remained mostly mum, but he bears much responsibility for the fiasco.
  • As Vice President, Biden was also involved in foreign policy, an area in which he considers himself an expert.  Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, well respected in both political parties, disagreed with Biden’s self-assessment.  In his memoir he stated that Biden had “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”
  • Vice President Biden was described as the administration’s point man on the Ukraine, and he had many contacts in that country.  Somehow his son, Hunter Biden, was appointed to a lucrative position with a Ukrainian oil company.  Later, when that company was being investigated by that nation’s chief prosecutor, Biden successfully pressured the Ukrainian government to fire the prosecutor.  Biden’s supporters say that the firing was justified, but his opponents sniffed a rather foul aroma arising from the entire affair.
  • Biden was also heavily involved with China.  He stood as a firm friend of that state as it pushed itself into the World Trade Organization and proceeded to devastate many American manufacturing communities.  Again, Hunter Biden profited enormously from his father’s China connections; though Joseph Biden, the father, denies any knowledge of his son’s overseas activities in the Ukraine or China.

Within the last two weeks the truth has been exposed. The material from Hunter Biden’s computer hard-drive along with corroborating evidence from two credible inside sources proves beyond any reasonable doubt that Joseph Biden sold himself to foreign interests.  For Biden to deny any knowledge of his son’s foreign involvement is a blatant lie.  He along with his son Hunter and others took money from Chinese, Russian, and Ukrainian agents to influence American policy toward their governments and business entities.

Ignore the evidence at your peril1

Joseph Biden is rotten to the core!!!

I am a professing Christian, an American citizen, a military veteran, a news hound, and I worked in a United States intelligence agency for almost forty years.  I stake my honor on the truth of all that I have written here.

Pray for our nation!

2 thoughts on “Rotten to the Core

  1. Every vote counts for all who have not yet voted. Let’s hope the silent majority is ready to step up…. Some day I feel encouraged after watching President Trump’s rally, but how can Biden ,according to fake news, be ahead? Might as well forget the Hunter Biden story. Complete cover up with exception of Fox News. Can you send pictures of your Halloween decorations???? Betty Oct., 29, 2020 Sent from Mail for Windows 10


  2. With a track record like his, I can see a Biden presidency being a complete economic disaster, undoubtedly even worse than Obama’s first four years. But no doubt, just like his previous boss, Barrack Obama, Biden will spend the next four years blaming everything on the previous Republican administration when in truth, the cause will be that no investor, no businessman and no foreign leader and no one in the American Public at large will have any confidence in his skills or judgement.

    In general, the top people in the Democratic Party today seem to be completely lacking in both skills and in morals but have enough “charm” to allow them to fool the unwashed Democratic Party masses and the self centered, narcissistic Hollywood cast of characters. Nancy Pelousi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Shift, AOC, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris are you listening? Yes, I’m talking about all of you! NONE of you come close to being the leader that Andrew Jackson, JFK, FDR or Truman or the other great Democrats of the past have been. Everyone of you makes Jimmy Carter look GOOD in comparison and that’s saying something!

    Today’s Democratic “Cast of Characters” TRUELY sickens me!


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