What Happened to Kasich, Kristol, and Will

George Will, Bill Kristol, and John Kasich are among those prominent conservatives who have denounced Donald Trump and support the Democrat Party ticket in the coming election.  Many of them seem to absolutely despise the President.  They apparently believe that if Trump is elected for a second term it will mean the death of the Republican Party and misery for the nation.

Recently I read a letter that was signed by 459 retired generals, admirals, senior NCOs, ambassadors, and senior civilian national security officials stating their opposition to the reelection of President Trump and support for Joseph Biden.

I worked for the National Security Agency for almost forty years.  I have great respect for some of those people that signed the letter, but I believe they are wrong.  The most unbelievable parts of the letter relate to their appraisal of Biden as a candidate.  Summing up their laudatory statements, the letter says the following:

“Joe Biden has the character, principles, wisdom, and leadership necessary to address a world on fire.  That is why Joe Biden must be the next President of the United States.”

That statement alone was enough to cause me to burn the letter.  I have followed the career of Joseph Biden for a half-century, and if anyone deserves the label “political hack” it is Joe Biden.

I believe the support of Biden is based nothing more than loathing and fear of Trump.  I understand the loathing, but I am convinced their fears are terribly misplaced.  True, Trump is not a traditional Republican, and he is a very unorthodox politician.  He is rude and crude in his attacks on Democrats and those Republicans who opposed his candidacy, and at times he appears uncouth and offensive. 

Trump’s fundamental beliefs remain a mystery.  Some people who profess to know him try to paint him as a despicable braggart.  Others think very highly of him.  Who is the real Donald Trump? 

Judge him by his works and not by his words.

He appears to be a populist through and through, but he has the instincts of a true patriot.  He promotes American interests above those of the globalist elites. He is opposed to the massive Federal establishment and favors a greater role for state and local government. He is for more jobs, free-enterprise and self-reliance – not government handouts.  He fights vigorously for trade agreements that are fair to the American worker. Though not a religious person in a traditional sense, he is on the side of Evangelical Christians and conservative Catholics as regards the most fundamental issues confronting our communities of faith.  And despite false charges from his enemies, Trump is no racist. 

There is no reason to fear that Trump will establish a dictatorship. He could not do it even if he wished, and there is no evidence that he wishes to do so.   He is not a warmonger, and he seeks to withdraw us from those foreign entanglements that have been such a severe drain on our military establishment and the economy. 

Considering his positive achievements in his few short years in office, what is not to like?  Trump is an anomaly, much as Theodore Roosevelt was an anomaly.  Many members of the old Republican establishment hated that great man, just as some former Republican stalwarts now hate Trump.  Republican hard-liners abandoned Theodore in 1912 to their sorrow – splitting the party and losing to the Democrats.  Will we repeat history?  Trump’s time will pass, the Republican Party will survive, and I believe we will be better off by his having walked among us.

The Democrats are the real threat to the future of the United States. They are no longer the party of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Harry Truman. The Democrat’s Green New Deal could destroy our economy, and their progressive anti-Christian social programs could rip our society apart.  How can intelligent men like Will, Kristol, and Kasich and these former military and civilian notables support this party?  I fear that the Trump Derangement Syndrome has destroyed their powers of reason. 

Vote for Donald Trump on November 3rd!

3 thoughts on “What Happened to Kasich, Kristol, and Will

  1. Dad you are spot on. I’m sure Joe Biden is a fine man but would make a poor president as his campaign has already been hijacked by the far left democrats. I think those Republicans considering voting for Biden – Harris would only contribute to the demise of the Republican Party and an unsettling future for our country during these perilous times.


  2. I agree with your points of why we need to support and reelect President Trump. Of course, as previously discussed , Biden is just a name. Democrats are voting against President Trump, not for Biden. Wait until Bernie Sanders rises to lead their party….. Good talking with you today.. Betty Oct., 1, 2020

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