Trump’s Taxes

The Trump hating New York Times has published an article claiming that Trump paid no federal taxes in 11 of the 18 years reviewed by the newspaper, and only paid $750 of personal taxes in 2016 and 2017.

I do not trust the Times.  Perhaps the reporting is accurate, perhaps it is not.  For the sake of argument, however, I will assume that the story is true. But whatever tax Trump paid, he paid what the law required of him.  His tax lawyers took advantage of every possible break.  What about you?  Did you pay more to the tax collectors than was required of you?  I doubt it.  Neither did Joe Biden, Kamala Harris or Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump is no miser.  Over the course of decades he has given millions of dollars to various charitable causes and to individuals.  As President, he has consistently donated his entire salary to different organizations within and without the Federal government.

Do not blame Trump for paying so little in income tax.  Blame our Byzantine tax laws.  

4 thoughts on “Trump’s Taxes

  1. Let’s all pay less in taxes. I think the evidence is overwhelming that governments have a lot of fluff overhead and do NOT deliver the greatest bang for the buck.


  2. The purpose for the release of Trump’s taxes by NY Times, if not for any other purpose than to want the public to be assured President Trump is a crook. I hope few citizen will fall for this attack. All will go well tonight if Biden doesn’t purposefully misquote and Trump calls him out without showing contenpt. My thought.. Will be thinking of you tonight as this debate unfolds. Betty Sept., 29, 2020

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  3. “Do not blame Trump for paying so little in income tax. Blame our Byzantine tax laws. ”

    Tax laws written by the wealthy politicians to benefit themselves and their wealthy donors. Need I point out that the laws that Trump filed his taxes under were written long before he took office? If the Dems think that the laws are unfair then why didn’t they change them in the 8 years that Obama was president? Hey New York Times, show me ANY politician, Democratic or Republican, that pays the standard tax rate and that doesn’t take full advantage of the tax loop holes.

    This isn’t news, it’s nothing more than another attempt by the NYT to smear Donald Trump. This article and the many like it that the Times has published shows their rabid prejudice against Trump and serious calls into question their credibility as a news organization.


  4. The Western Journal has an interesting article by Dick Morris who indicates that overall president Trump paid over 74 million dollars in taxes during the period in question. He actually asked for an extension in 2015 and 16 and prepaid taxes to cover potential upcoming taxes he might have to pay. So, when the IRS issued its tax burden to him it was much lower than what he had already paid so he in essence kept the money in the IRS tax system to pay future taxes.. This was then used the next two years in question and explains why he only paid $750 the one year. This is a perfect example of yellow journalism and muckraking by newspapers to get across any message they desire.

    Furthermore, these practices are, in fact, widespread and legal. The Bidens’, for example, only declared $750,000 in income after they dispersed several million to S corporations to shield them from taxes.

    I am so angered by the inherent biases in our news media these days. William Randolph Hearst would be applauding them from his grave.

    My best,

    Ken Robertson

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