A Gentleman and a Gangster

Neville Chamberlain, British Prime Minister from 1937 until May 1940, has a poor reputation among most historians.  After all, it was Chamberlain who returned from Munich in October 1938 after a disastrous deal with Hitler and proclaimed “Peace in our time.”

The problem for Chamberlain was that he was a gentleman dealing with a gangster.  The Prime Minister had no experience in confronting a man like Hitler.  He wanted to believe what der Fuhrer was saying to him.  Knowing the horrors of the Great War, Chamberlain could not conceive that any sane man wished to plunge to world into another bloody armed conflict.  Why not give Hitler a little piece of Czechoslovakia if it would preserve the peace?

Gentlemanly behavior toward godless despots leads to grief.  Within a few months of Munich, Germany swallowed up all of Czechoslovakia, and  before the end of 1939 all Europe was ablaze.

Chamberlain learned to his sorrow that Hitler was a liar and a thoroughly evil man. You must keep your guard up when negotiating with leaders who have no moral boundaries and are only interested in aggrandizement.  Britain needed a leader with the courage, stamina, and belligerent pugnacity to stand up his nation’s tyrannical foes. In May1940 they finally got one in the person of Winston Churchill, but it was almost too late.  

I believe America has that sort of Churchillian leader in the person of Donald Trump.  We need him as we deal with the economic and military threats from ruthless leaders like Russia’s Putin, China’s Xi, and Iran’s Ayatollah.  Do you see any Democrat Party leader with the intellectual and moral strength to face up to that crew?

Trump is the type of man our enemies fear and grudgingly respect. It is difficult to describe him as a gentleman in the Oxford sense; and his pugnacious nastiness is very effective in dealing with foreign adversaries. Even so, Trump much prefers being a dealmaker rather than a warrior, and he can be charming when he wants and needs to be. I prefer his approach to international relations above that of any Democrat currently on the national scene.

There is not one leader in the Democrat Party in whom I have any confidence, and the party itself has become an abomination. With Biden and Harris in charge we would be naked before our enemies.

As a former Democrat, it makes me very sad.      





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