An Honest Man

Someone recently posted an item in which he said that a Washington Post fact checker had documented 20,000 lies on the part of President Trump.  Amazing!

I  no longer read the Washington Post.  Many years ago I found that paper’s reporting had become so skewed that I could no longer depend on it for accuracy, and I cancelled my subscription.

Why should I believe the Post?

But what about Trump?  

More and more I feel like emulating that ancient Greek who took his lantern out in the daytime looking for an honest man.

2 thoughts on “An Honest Man

  1. My father is absolutely correct since everyone has bias it is coming out of all so called news organizations that are putting out the news articles written as editorial pages. What is far worst is when the news people when streaming the republican convention overlaid it when they disagreed with the speaker. What was the worst offense was when PBS blanked out words of some speakers so the point being made would be misinterpreted. They are Federally funded so they are just supposed to be be a straight news outlet and not show political biases but listening to some programming from them it sounds like they place there liberal bias on the news stories that they report on and they support the green new deal and other socialist causes.


  2. I frequently repeat this to anyone who is willing to listen. Every time I have read an article in the newspaper about an event or occurrence of which I have direct knowledge, there has been in the article a material mistake or misrepresentation of fact. This has been true not 50%, not 75%, not 95% but 100% of the time. This makes me question each and every other article of which I have no direct knowledge.


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