The Lines are Drawn

The lines are drawn in the Presidential election.  It will be Biden and Harris vs Trump and Pence. There is a sharp contrast.

Neither side appears to have a distinct advantage over the other.  Biden seems to be somewhat cognitively impaired, but he was never the brightest of the bright.  Nevertheless, his nomination acceptance speech proved that he is still able to deliver a set speech, and that may be all that is necessary as the campaign unfolds. As for Kamala Harris, the Republicans would be wise not to underestimate her. She is mentally acute, articulate, and she can be vicious. She will go after President Trump like a pit bull.

In early 2020 the President was in a very favorable position for reelection.  The economy was booming and unemployment number were at near record lows.  Many citizens were turned off by Trump’s braggadocio and often abrasive personality, and the opposition party and its mainstream media allies were ferocious in their attacks. Nevertheless, the President had a solid record of achievement and seemed to be gaining in public support. Covid-19 changed the picture entirely. The economy was disrupted, millions of people lost their jobs, and racial unrest flared-up in our cities. Much of this was due to circumstances beyond Trump’s control, but he was the man at the helm; and he proved inept as a communicator and unifier in a time of crisis. This put the Democrats in a good position for the coming political campaign.

Now is the time for a comparison of Trump’s future goals as opposed to Biden’s promises.

Trump says he will rebuild the economy as he did before and work for an even greater America. He believes that business and industrial growth will serve to benefit people of every economic class, especially the poor. He wants to reestablish the rule of law in our great cities. He espouses the traditional values of faith and patriotism, supports the second amendment, desires a military establishment unmatched by any other nation, and promises to make the United States more self-reliant and independent in areas such as energy and manufacturing.

Biden has a more globalist outlook, and he stresses a very progressive view of social justice that conflicts with many of our more traditional standards. He says nothing about restoring order in our Democrat controlled cities and appears to support the BLM agitators. He would promote international agreements similar to the Paris Climate Accords.  He wishes to curb the use of fossil energy and has no desire to ensure American self-sufficiency in energy and manufacturing. He has shown little interest in strengthening the American military.  Perhaps most importantly, Biden proposes to place a very heavy tax burden on the middle and higher income earners and on businesses to pay for a veritable litany of programs to benefit the economically disadvantaged and build a more equitable society.

Whose vision for America will prevail in 2020?

We have a very flawed candidate who supports a platform that I generally approve facing up against a dishonest and possibly senile politician who advocates economic and social measures that could destroy our economy and lead to further civil chaos.

I believe you know for whom I will vote in November.






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