Trump a Racist?

Herschel Walker gave a powerful testimony for Trump at the Republican convention last night. His image of the man contradicts the charges of racism frequently leveled at the President.

I personally know someone who has had dealings with Trump, and he insists that he always found Trump to be fair and considerate in his dealings with the people around him – be they an executive or a lowly table waiter.

He can be tough and unpleasant with those he sees as his opponents, but he can also project a spirit of cooperative good will toward those willing to work with him.

3 thoughts on “Trump a Racist?

  1. The Democrats made these same accusations during the last election but it was quickly proven that Trump had more minorities and women in top management jobs that any of the Democrat candidates including Hillary Clinton. Trumps employees also praised him, unlike Hillary and Bill Clinton’s employees who universally criticised the Clintons for abusing and threatening their employees as the as the Secret Service and military personnel assigned to them.


  2. I never much cared for Trump on “The Apprentice” as he seemed callous and cold hearted. However, despite his roughness and bravado, he has pretty much fulfilled what he promised his voters and has powered up the American economic engine.


    1. I never watched Trump on the apprentice. I knew very little about him before he ran for political office, but those few things I knew were not very favorable. The more I see him, the more I’m convinced that he is the man we need at this moment in history.


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