Facts About Crime and Policing


As the liberal pundits dominate the media it becomes ever more difficult to disseminate balanced and accurate information. Ideology driven reporters close their minds to facts that are not in accordance with their worldviews, and information that contravenes the prevailing narrative is sometimes suppressed.

Heather MacDonald of the Manhattan Institute has studied policing in America for years, and she is a veritable encyclopedia of information on the subject. I borrow from her research.  Following are facts that it would be well for us to assimilate as we think about racism and police activity in America.

  • Each year there are about 16,000 murders in the United States.
  • In a typical year, police fatally shoot approximately 1000 civilians.  500 of them are White, 250 Black, and 250 Hispanic or unidentified by race.
  • During 2016-7, in America’s largest 75 counties, Blacks constituted 13% of the population and committed almost 60% of murders and robberies.
  • In Chicago, Blacks make up about 30% of the population and commit 70 to 80% of all homicides.  
  • The great majority of homicides are intraracial, but Black criminals rob, assault or rape White victims more often than members of their own race, and Blacks kill Whites two times more frequently than Whites kill Blacks.
  • Considering relative population numbers and police shooting statistics, it is apparent that an individual Black citizen is more likely than a White to be killed by police; and there is also a greater probability of other Black interactions with police officers. This discrepancy appears to be activity driven rather than having any strong ties to a person’s race.  It is a sad truth that criminal activity is much more prevalent in drug-infested Black urban communities, and that results in an increased police presence in those areas.
  • Rude, crude and sadistic police officers do exist, and they can make life miserable for anyone they contact, no matter their race.  Entire police departments are sometimes guilty of corruption and heinous crimes.  That, however, is the rare exception, and the situation is gradually improving. Most jurisdictions are working diligently to identify and remove bad officers.  We must realize, however, that police are human beings.  They will never attain perfection, and unfortunate incidents will sometimes happen.
  • Police departments are also trying to hire more minorities, but it would be well to note that statistics indicate that a Black or Hispanic police officer is more likely to kill a Black civilian than is a White officer.
  • A recent study reported slightly over 6,000 Black gun deaths in 2019.  85% of these deaths were a result of Black on Black crime, and only 4% were the result of Police action.  Little over one in a thousand, or .15%, were instances when a police officer killed an unarmed Black.  These statistics prove that propaganda asserting that police are the greatest danger to the lives of young Black men is absolutely false.
  • White civilians constituted approximately 50% of those killed by police in 2019, and 19 were reportedly unarmed. The death of an unarmed Black at the hands of police is often a cause celebre.  White deaths by police rarely attract headlines.

America’s racist history helps explain how we arrived at the present dilemma, but it does not excuse the nihilistic assault upon the very foundations of our civilization.   

Does American policing and the entire criminal justice system need reform?  Absolutely!  Do these facts and figures cited above indicate rampant racism on the part of American police departments?  Absolutely not!  Antifa, BLM and rabid left-wing commentators and politicians are propagating vicious lies and tearing the nation asunder.  Officers are backing off from pro-active policing, and crime rates are skyrocketing.  Inner city Black communities are suffering the greatest hurt and despair.

Citizens, Black and White, we are better than this.  Abandon the angry rhetoric and work together with all Americans to build a brighter future for our children.


One thought on “Facts About Crime and Policing

  1. There have been 194 homicides in Baltimore City so far in 2020…

    It seems that the COVID-19 “lockdown” hasn’t stopped them from happening … / sarcasm

    And a pregnant 28 yo. was shot to death over the weekend in Columbia, MD. by multiple bullets that riddled the house that she was at… Doctors were able to save her 28 week baby…


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