Stand Up For America!


Several years ago I wrote an essay on Race and Racism in America. I failed to get anyone to print it, but I still believe that it was an accurate and fair description of our troubled racial past and our current situation.  I urge you to read it.  You can find it on the web blog, publication date July 20, 2018.

I am intensely sad about what is now transpiring on the streets of our great cities. The thin veneer of civil restraint is being ripped off, and lawless, howling mobs are trying to impose their will on society.  Paralyzed by guilt over past injustices, many civic leaders appear ready to surrender their citadels to the anarchists.

Is our civilization worth defending?  Are the ideals for which our fathers fought and died and the flag under which they stood to be trampled under the feet of those whose only allegiance is to the god of chaos?

Stand up for America!  Stand up for freedom and justice for all!

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