Some Democrat Party leaders, are calling for reparations to help atone for the evils of slavery and eliminate the wealth gap between White and Black Americans. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden told The Washington Post that he supports studying how reparations could be part of larger efforts to address systemic racism. Biden’s running mate, California Sen. […]

Stand Up For America!

Several years ago I wrote an essay on Race and Racism in America. I failed to get anyone to print it, but I still believe that it was an accurate and fair description of our troubled racial past and our current situation.  I urge you to read it.  You can find it on the web […]

Let Us Reason Together

  I have written enough on this subject – at least for a while.  Nevertheless, I feel compelled take one more shot. Yes, black lives do matter! I believe it.  Everyone I know believes it. I can understand why rage boils up in the American black community.  For years they were enslaved. Following their liberation […]

E Pluribus Unum

 In an earlier post entitled “The Master Race” I described how Adolph Hitler’s insane racial theories led to the death of millions of people, with the European Jews suffering most severely from this madness.  I also posited the thought that the truth is exactly opposite from what Hitler believed.  True racial superiority is not to […]

The Master Race

Adolph Hitler and his followers espoused the theory of a master race.  The Nazi Party proclaimed that persons of supposed Nordic or Aryan descent appear most frequently among Germans and other northern European peoples and are superior to persons of other races.  Slavs, Gypsies, and Jews were specifically defined as being inferior, and their presence […]

Race and Racism in America

What is the truth about race and racism in America? It is a difficult subject, and an honest, in-depth discussion of the issue is usually avoided.  Former Attorney General Eric Holder accused us of being a “nation of cowards” for our avoidance of a frank discussion of race in America. Perhaps he was right. Each […]