Let Us Reason Together

 come let us reason together-01

I have written enough on this subject – at least for a while.  Nevertheless, I feel compelled take one more shot.

Yes, black lives do matter!

I believe it.  Everyone I know believes it.

I can understand why rage boils up in the American black community.  For years they were enslaved. Following their liberation they were treated as second class citizens.  Only in last fifty years were they given some measure of equity and equal opportunity, and many of them remain trapped in the crime ridden ghettos of our inner cities.  The urban black poor see police as the visible arm of that amorphous power structure that keeps them in their place. It is a pressure kettle ready to explode.

What we need now is wise words from leaders in the white and black communities.  Slogans are not enough.  Shouts, imprecations, and destruction are counterproductive. Calm words and thoughtful suggestions are called for.  Truth is also an imperative. With good will, solutions can be found.   

Come, let us reason together in a spirit of brotherly love.

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