Yesterday there was news that Michael Bloomberg is considering a run for the Presidency.  Obviously, to do this, he will have to compete with other Democrats for the party’s nomination.  It is late, but if Bloomberg should garner sufficient support among rank and file Democrats it could have a profound effect on the next election. 

Most people would probably agree with me that the field of Democratic contenders is presently very weak.  Joseph Biden and Peter Buttigieg are the only viable centrists.  Biden appears as a weak and stumbling campaigner, and Buttigieg is handicapped by his unorthodox life-style. As for other Democratic aspirants, Warren, Sanders, and their fellows have embraced extreme leftist economic and social opinions that are unlikely to appeal to a majority of voters.  Even though Trump is intensely disliked by many Americans, I think it doubtful that any of the current Democratic contenders would defeat him in the next Presidential election..

Bloomberg is a different quantity.  He has had a successful career in business and politics.  Compared to Trump, he has a much calmer and less disruptive approach to governance. Although a social liberal, he is a capitalist and a fiscal conservative.  If he wins the nomination, I believe Trump would find it much more difficult to win in 2020.

I am a social conservative, and I could not vote for Bloomberg.  Despite his many faults, Trump has been a friend to the Evangelical Christian community, and the economy has prospered under his leadership. Nevertheless, I would be much relieved if Bloomberg wins the Democratic nomination.  That way, no matter who wins the next Presidential election, I would feel more confident about the nation’s future.

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