Family Love


On the afternoon of December 16, 1951, Ann McGuire and I stepped out of St. Paul’s Methodist Church, Carolina Beach, North Carolina as man and wife.

jr12 1951 wedding day december 16, 1951 (3) - copy

The Happy Couple

After a brief honeymoon, we established a home for two in a small cottage in Chapel, Hill, North Carolina.  Over the next seven months I completed my studies for a master’s degree in history at the university.  My plan was to teach at the college level while continuing to pursue a PhD.  Unfortunately, the Korean War stood in the way.  In the fall of 1952 I entered the United States Army.  Except for a ten-day furlough after completion of basic training, I was separated from Ann for the next 23 months.  Most of my military service was in Korea (17 months) and Japan (3 months).  I returned home in late September 1954.

That brief furlough in February 1952 was productive.  When I was reunited with Ann in ’54 a beautiful 10 month-old boy, Sandy Jr., was now part of our family.

JR110 1954 Sandy Jr 9 mos

Sandy Jr.

My immediate need was to get a job so I could keep my small family from starving.  A return to academia was not possible for the moment, and, as it turned out, I never did take a teaching position.

Over the next two plus years I had several jobs.  Finally, in May 1957, I went to work for the National Security Agency, and in September of that year the family relocated to Maryland.  Even though my heart remained firmly attached to North Carolina, we have been residents of Maryland for the past sixty-two years.

When we moved north the family consisted of four members.  Stuart McGuire Jordan had joined our little circle in 1956.

JR19 1957

Sandy Jr. & Stuart


Our Little Family

Over the next seven year three more sons were born.  Harold Patrick Jordan arrived in 1959, Robert Rives Jordan in 1960, and Eric Graham Jordan in 1964. All were healthy, happy children.  We were truly blessed.

jr19 1970 robert, sandy jr, eric, stuart, & harold

The Motley Crew

It’s a strange thing about family love.  It can always stretch out to envelop another child, and the love for the children you already have is never diminished.

Thank you, Lord!

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