Follow-Up to “Impeach Him”


A dear daughter-in law responded to my post “Impeach Him.”  I thought it would be good to post part of her response and my reaction to it.

HER RESPONSE: “I acknowledge that Trump has moved forward on the goals you identified.

However, he has such an objectionable and undignified personality, he makes such outlandish and divisive remarks, he embarrasses our national honor and insults many people consistently, that I am surprised you are not more significantly offended by him. I do agree with most of the Republican platform (aside from unchecked gun control), but I dislike the personality of our current President intensely. I “held my nose” to vote for him in 2016 to get a conservative judge on the Supreme Court, but I shall not do that again. I sincerely hope that the Republican party replaces Trump in the next election with one of our countless honorable, reasonable, dignified, unifying, polite, principled candidates — whether male or female, black or white, hispanic, asian or otherwise. We can do so much better than this! Trump is not a true Republican; he is something much less noble.”

MY REACTION:  I agree with many of the things you say in your comment on my post “Impeach Him.”  Trump is extremely offensive at times, and he frequently embarrasses me. Nevertheless, as things stand, I will vote for him in 2020.  My reasons are as follows:

– No one in the Republican Party is in a position to seize the nomination from Trump.  It will not happen.  I would favor Rubio if he ran, but he knows it would be a fruitless effort and will not try. 

– Trump appears arrogant, petty, and mean, but many of his actions are positive. Commerce and industry have prospered under his leadership, and our trade situation vis-a-vis other nations is much improved.  He has even pushed for prison reform and the revitalization of inner cities. And though Trump sometime talks tough, he is no war monger. I only wish he was less divisive.

– There is no one in the field of Democratic candidates that I could support.  Collectively, they appear to have lost their minds.  They all promote a radical leftist agenda that would do great harm to our nation’s economy, and they support social radicals like those in ANTIFA and the LGBT movement.  Most of the leading Democrats are actually anti-Christian, at least they oppose the brand of Christianity represented by Evangelical Christians and conservative Catholics. That’s my faith!  I believe the so-called liberal/progressive Democrats are a far greater threat to our country than Trump. 

It’s a sad choice that we must make, but under current circumstances I will support Trump.

One thought on “Follow-Up to “Impeach Him”

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