Impeach Him!

Today I was with a group of men discussing various subjects of interest.  It is a mixed group, intelligent and fairly well-informed, and I usually enjoy the interchange,

Today, it frightened me.

One topic that came up for discussion was the possible impeachment of President Trump.  It seemed obvious that many of the men, perhaps most of them, wish for Trump’s immediate impeachment.  They obviously believe him guilty of high crimes or misdemeanors in office.  They did not specifically identify the crimes they believe him guilty of, but, as one person stated it, they think that the President is destroying our nation.  They also seem to realize that any impeachment process might drag out until the next Presidential election, but the urgency of removing this dangerous and despotic man from office outweighs every other consideration.

I cannot understand the depth of hate for this man on the part of so many otherwise rational people.

Trump has many faults.  Even his most fervent supporters are aware of his warts. He is rude, crude, and often unlikable.  Yet, he has been remarkably consistent in pursuing those goals that he outlined in his Presidential campaign – reviving the economy through tax reductions and deregulation, restoring our depleted military establishment, achieving a better balance in our trade relationships with other nations.  He has had considerable success in all these endeavors, and our economy appears to be excellent shape. Also, he is no war-monger or imperialist.  Perhaps his style is offensive, but he should be given some credit for his achievements.

Why do so many people hate him? 

I believe it is because of the attitude and action of the national media.  Most of them absolutely despise the man, and their critical reporting on the President continues from morning to morning, seven days a week.  There is little balance.  They continually twist the facts by means of selective reporting, biased news stories, and mean-spirited and often untruthful commentary.  Those who are fed this drivel on a constant basis begin to believe the lies and half-truths.

Please, check it out. Look for alternative viewpoints. Validate your news sources.

I try very hard to get at the truth, and thus far I have not been able to identify any impeachable offense by the President.  We should never impeach someone simply because we believe him to be arrogant and unlikable.  Of course, impeachment is a political process, and the House can do as it wishes; but, as things stand now, any impeachment charge would die on the floor of the Senate.

It would be terribly divisive and a complete waste of time.            

One thought on “Impeach Him!

  1. Hi Dad,

    I acknowledge that Trump has moved forward on the goals you identified.

    However, he has such an objectionable and undignified personality, he makes such outlandish and divisive remarks, he embarrasses our national honor and insults many people consistently, that I am surprised you are not more significantly offended by him. I do agree with most of the Republican platform (aside from unchecked gun control), but I dislike the personality of our current President intensely. I “held my nose” to vote for him in 2016 to get a conservative judge on the Supreme Court, but I shall not do that again. I sincerely hope that the Republican party replaces Trump in the next election with one of our countless honorable, reasonable, dignified, unifying, polite, principled candidates — whether male or female, black or white, hispanic, asian or otherwise. We can do so much better than this! Trump is not a true Republican; he is something much less noble.

    Dad, you have great wisdom, a heart of gold, and great diplomacy. I wish that someone like you would be our next Republican President! Mr. Trump is nothing like you.

    With Love,


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