A portion of this post is a repeat of something I wrote months ago.  I hate to be repetitive, but the accuracy of the following statement is something that should be understood by every truth-seeking American citizen.

American news reports are extremely biased.

There have been complaints about the liberal bias of network news and big city newspapers for decades.  In 2001 a prominent CBS reporter, Bernard Goldberg, wrote a bestselling book titled, Bias: How the Media Distort the News.  After the book was published, the author, though previously respected as a liberal commentator, became persona non grata at ABC, CBS, and NBC.  In Goldberg’s view, bias is real, but he also thinks that it is largely unconscious. Most newsmen would deny biased reporting, and they would be sincere in their denials.  Yet, our news is constantly being run through a liberal filter.  Unfortunately, the filter tends to be invisible to liberal reporters and their liberal audience since they all tend to interpret events in the same way.

I have been reminded of this truth by recent reporting on the Ukrainian phone call incident.  Every major news network, with the exception of Fox News, immediately castigated President Trump for a gross abuse of executive power.  In their view, he had used gangster like pressure to force the President of the Ukraine to dig up dirt on the activities of former Vice President Joseph Biden and his son Hunter in the Ukraine.  Contributing to their view of the enormity of Trump’s crime, Joseph Biden is a leading contender for the Democratic Party Presidential nomination in 2020.

There was no nuanced reporting in this news coverage.  The Networks judged Trump to be obviously guilty, and a move to impeach the President by the Democrat controlled House of Representatives was justified.

At the same time, members of the “dark” press were spreading rumors about the questionable activities of Joseph and Hunter Biden in the Ukraine. While the Vice President was point-man for the United States government vis-à-vis the Ukraine,  his son Hunter had received a very lucrative salary from a Ukrainian energy company.  Later, Vice President Biden bragged about forcing their government to fire their leading prosecutor (equivalent to our Attorney General) for corruption, and there were some reports that at the time of the firing the prosecutor was investigating the energy company where Hunter Biden was employed.  There have been no specific allegations of criminal actions by the Vice President or his son, but appearances were certainly bad and reflect on the senior Biden’s judgement.

Whereas major news commentators from ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC tend to convict the President before a thorough investigation of the charges, they label allegations against Joseph and Hunter Biden as spurious and disproven.  How one disproves allegations without a seriously examining them is not explained.  At the very least, the Bidens were guilty of a serious conflict of interest.  Generally, however, the major news commentators tend to simply ignore the Biden story.  If Don Jr or Eric Trump had been on a Ukrainian company’s payroll, you can be certain that the networks would be continuously excoriating father and sons.

When will news providers give us a level field

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