Whom the Gods Would Destroy

In 1875 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow penned the words, “Whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad.”  An earlier version of this thought appeared in Sophocles play Antigone. As the classical Greek dramatist phrased it, “Evil appears as good in the minds of those whom God leads to destruction.”

Either phrase could aptly be applied to describe Democrats today.  Members of the Democratic party are so consumed with hatred of President Trump that they have lost their powers of reason.  Their enmity toward Trump and his supporters knows no bounds.  Consider the reception given any President’s supporter called before a House committee.  Remember the vituperative assault on the honorable Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court. Truth and fair play mean nothing should anyone have the misfortune to come between the President and those who seek to destroy him.  The late Charles Krauthammer referred to it as the Trump Derangement Syndrome.  I think that label is no longer accurate.  Democrats now have a full-blown psychosis.

President Trump is no politician.  He is even less a diplomat.  He is rough, often uncouth, and sometimes vulgar.  He makes more than his share of misstatements and verbal gaffes. Yet, in all this, there is nothing that would justify a claim that he is guilty of treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.  Only such charges would justify impeachment.

Trump was accused of collusion with Russia in 2016 in order to damage the Democratic Party Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton, and bolster his own chances of election victory.  A special prosecutor was appointed, and an exhaustive two-year investigation failed to prove any collusion.  Following the collapse of collusion charges, his political enemies then tried to convict Trump with impeding the investigation into his supposed collusion.  It is true that Trump railed against the investigation, but he was unsuccessful in his attempts to stop it. Most lawyers agree that, lacking any underlying crime (collusion), the charge of impeding an investigation into that non-existent crime would be well-nigh impossible to sustain.  Nevertheless, Democratic House committee chairmen Nadler, Schiff and their associates continue to hammer Trump from every possible angle.

The assault on Trump gained new life when a whistleblower charged the President with improperly pressuring the Ukranian President Zelensky to investigate past activities of former Vice President Joseph Biden and his son in the Ukraine.  The whistleblower complaint was actually based on hearsay evidence from others claiming that the President had been guilty of improper conduct.  Upon receiving news of the whistleblower’s allegations, Nancy Pelosi immediately moved to open an impeachment investigation.  No vote was taken, but the wheels were set in motion.

President Trump seemed to surprise his adversaries by quickly authorizing the release of a transcript of his phone call with the Ukrainian president along with the whistleblower’s complaint.  I read the phone call transcript and learned a bit about the whistleblower’s charges, and to me it appeared to be much ado about almost nothing.  Yes, the President obviously wished the Ukrainian leader’s assistance in looking into the Bidens past activities in that country, but there was no explicit quid pro quo, and pressure was not stated but had to be inferred.  To me, that seems to be no basis for impeachment. However, that is simply my initial reaction. Now the inquisition will begin.

During the next few weeks there will be hearings before the House Intelligence Committee, chaired by Representative Adam Schiff.  Trump haters will declare the President guilty.  Trump supporters will insist on his  innocence.  Hard wired opinions as to guilt or innocence extend to the members of the national media, and unbiased commentary and news articles are as rare as unicorns’ horns. Meanwhile, the country will continue to be torn apart.

A year from now, in November 2020, the voters of America will make their own decision.  

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