God Talk 8

Jesus truly understands the hearts of men.  All of us are weak.  All of us are sinners.  As it is written, “There is no one righteous, not even one.” God gave us His commandments and statutes through Moses and the prophets, but who among us can truthfully say that he or she is innocent of […]


The Christian Faith has a comforting message for sinners, and that includes all of us. Each of us appears to have been born with a conscience, and we soon develop the ability to discern between right and wrong behavior.  Morality is partly learned, of course, and ours is largely based on Judeo-Christian teaching.  It is […]

A Gift for the King

This a repeat of one of my favorite stories.  When I am  troubled in spirit,  I find it to be of comfort and assurance. Many years ago, in ancient China there lived a pottery maker of great renown.  He resided in a village in the northern part of the kingdom, but his fame had spread […]

Coming Home

The following is a rework of  brief devotional skit that I wrote for performance at my church some years ago. It is based on the Biblical parable about The Prodigal Son.  There have been many versions of this story over the years.  The following is my own: The train sped north through the bleak Illinois […]