The Christian Faith has a comforting message for sinners, and that includes all of us.

Each of us appears to have been born with a conscience, and we soon develop the ability to discern between right and wrong behavior.  Morality is partly learned, of course, and ours is largely based on Judeo-Christian teaching.  It is a sad fact that bad behavior can also be drummed into a person through a vicious regimen of indoctrination or abuse. Hate can be taught, and one’s sense of conscience may be almost destroyed.

Most of us, however, have a rather sharply defined concept of right and wrong, and we are aware of those instances when we have transgressed. Beliefs as to what constitutes desirable behavior are remarkably consistent over a range of cultures and religions, leading many of us to believe there is a God-given standard.  When we violate that standard, feelings of guilt may hang over us like a cloud.

The Lord Jesus offers balm for the transgressor.  All of us at times have fallen short or missed the mark. None of us is perfect.  Even when we refrain from overtly evil actions, we are often guilty of sinful thoughts and desires.  Jesus knows the hearts of men, and He offered Himself up as a perfect sacrifice so that our sins might be forgiven and we might be reconciled with God.

I take great comfort in that fact.  Do you?

With sincere repentance and an appeal to our Lord, even the vilest sinner may lose his guilty stains.

As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us.   Psalm 103.

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