Off With Their Heads!

Over the centuries various means were used to put condemned persons to death.  Some methods were quite horrific, and they were specifically designed so that the victim would suffer long and agonizing pain before death.  Crucifixion, impalement, burning at the stake, being thrown to the wild animals, and being drawn and quartered were among those […]

The Face of Salem

In 1692 and 1693 there were a series of trials in Massachusetts for people accused of witchcraft.  More than 200 people were accused, and nineteen were found guilty and executed.  Another person was tortured to death for refusing to plead guilty or innocent.  It was perhaps the most notorious case of mass hysteria in American […]

Capital Punishment

The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear two capital punishment cases during this session. Slowly, inexorably, capital punishment is being eliminated. Most western nations have abandoned the practice, and many American states no longer impose it.  Liberal opinion today is definitely against it, and conservatives have mixed opinions. The present situation in the United States […]

Final Thoughts

We have driven the Brett Kavanaugh controversy into the ground.  Thank the Lord that the confirmation fight is over.  Over the weekend, however, I received an e-mail from a granddaughter to which she had attached a video presentation by a left-leaning commentator.  The fellow made a reasonably rational presentation, so I listened to him.  Now, […]


This little piece of trivia is something I read many years ago.  I copied it at the time, but I failed to note the original source.  Appropriately, the subtitle was “Really Being in a Rut.” The U.S. standard railroad gauge (the distance between the rails) is 4 feet 8.5 inches.  That’s an exceedingly odd number.  […]