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Speaker Nancy Pelosi has promised to pass the new Equality Act.  Do you understand what is in it?  I urge you to read the my post, “LGBT Issues.,” that I wrote in early November but am republishing today.  Also read the following article by Emilie Kao, Director of the Richard and Helen Devos Center for […]

LGBT Issues

Originally posted on Jordans-Journey:
This post deals with a very complex issue.  I urge readers to study it carefully.  It talks of a another sea change in society’s view of sex and sexuality, and the implications are quite profound. The subject is equal protection legislation for the LGBT community – more particularly, for those persons…

Taxes, Deficits, and Debt

Among many other things, Benjamin Franklin is remembered for saying “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” I do not pretend to be an expert on economics or financial matters.  The mysteries of national and international financial manipulations are beyond my ken, and I tend to avoid thinking or […]


My brother Branch, his wife Ruth, and infant son Branch Jr came to Carolina Beach in 1939 and lived with us for a time at our home on Harper Avenue before acquiring their own abode.  Branch loved surf fishing, and he got to do a lot of it that year.  While he fished, Ruth often […]

Congressional Psychoses

Those of us in the general public often think of our representatives in Congress as being somewhat deranged.  Never has that been more true than it is at present. Little more than a decade ago Charles Krauthammer, a medically certified psychiatrist and much honored television commentator, used the phrase “Bush derangement syndrome” to what he […]

The Impasse

The President and the Democratic Party leaders in Congress have dug in their heels.  Neither side wishes to give an inch in the fight over funding for a border wall. How is the impasse to be resolved?  Is some sort of compromise possible? The Democrats obviously hope that pressures created by the extended partial government […]

Moving to the Beach

The family often vacationed at Carolina Beach in the early 1930s, and in the mid 30s Dad had a beach house built there.  The cottage was located a mile north of the town center and was separated from the ocean shore by sand dunes.  A year or two later Dad had two smaller cottages built […]