Goodbye, Nancy

As Nancy Pelosi prepares to ride off into the sunset,  many supporters are proclaiming her to have been a truly great Speaker of the House, perhaps the best ever.  I disagree.  Instead, I believe it more accurate to label her as the most outstanding Wicked Witch of the West.  I say this with all due […]

Uncomfortable Truths

Truth is sometimes uncomfortable to those involved what they believe to be a righteous cause.  In such instances they tend to ignore it. In 1890s France there were patriots vigorously defending the honor of the French Army against those who insisted that army leaders had unfairly accused a young Jewish officer of treason while covering […]

Hurricanes and Automobiles

Hurricane Hazel October 1954 In late September Hurricane Ian forged a destructive path across southern Florida and then struck the coast of South Carolina.  Scores of lives were lost, and there were billions of dollars of property damage.  Clean-up and recovery will take a long time. In recent days I have read news reports of […]

Academic Chaos

Heather MacDonald of the Manhattan Institute recently wrote the following: “Black business school students at USC protested in 2020 that hearing a professor use the Mandarin phrase for ‘that’—nèi ge—constituted racial harassment, since the Mandarin phrase can sound like the dread ‘N-word.’ The professor was sent on leave for ‘marginalizing, hurting and harming the psychological […]

A Jordan Genealogy

My son Stuart Jordan recently published a genealogy covering the descendants of Robert and Henry Jordan, brothers living in Virginia’s Middle Peninsula in the middle 1700s.  Robert moved to Halifax County, Virginia in 1779, and Henry, a Revolutionary War veteran, joined him there after the war before later moving on to Tennessee.   Robert had eleven […]

A Love Story Retold

Blowing Rock Early on a morning in early September 1951 my sweetheart and I stood on this beautiful promontory and bade each other a fond farewell.  Shortly thereafter we descended into the valley, and Ann registered as a student at Appalachian State College in Boone, North Carolina. Ann at Appalachian State I was a college […]


In all honesty, I must admit that I am terribly disappointed with yesterday’s election results.  As things now stand, the Republicans will probably take the House with a small majority.  The Senate remains very much in doubt. The outcome forces me to reevaluate.   My conclusions are as follows: One final comment.  It mystifies me that […]

A Prayer for Election Day

Tomorrow is election day, and I think it proper for me to compose a prayer for this occasion.  This is a critical moment for the future of our country.  Those of you who read my blog know that I have been very hard on the Democrat Party.  Many people support the Democrats, and for years […]

Throw Them Out!

With scant public notice, President Biden and Vice President Harris recently announced that all Federal prisoners being held on a conviction of marijuana possession would be released. Marijuana is being legalized in many states, so on the surface, this would appear to be a just and fair decision; but the facts reveal something different.  No […]


This is a very disturbing post.  It contains several news stories that would seem to portend the possible collapse of western civilization.  The last item is particularly gruesome and sickening.  I publish  out of a conviction that we must wake up and face the enemy.  And who is this enemy? “We are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, […]