Problems in the DOJ

I have posted almost nothing since the beginning of this year.  After all, what more can I say? The Democrats are in control of the executive branch of government and the Senate.  With few exceptions, I consider them a coterie of misguided incompetents.  Unfortunately, they are in position to do a great deal of harm. […]

A Question of Competence

I had the misfortune to watch and listen to President Biden last week as he bragged on the composition of his cabinet.  He was proud to proclaim its diversity.  Non-whites now outnumber whites, and the LGBT community is well represented — far more than its numbers in the general population.  One thing is obvious, a […]

All About Abortions

In my most recent post I made a few remarks about the Supreme Courts Roe v Wade reversal and its probable effect on the 2022 midterm elections.  My opinion stirred up several responses, both positive and negative.  Because of that, I decided to examine the controversial issue in much greater detail. Abortions, legal or otherwise, […]

Back Again

As you know, there have been very few new blog entries in the last month. The reason is that I have been curled up in my cage licking my wounds. The results of the recent Congressional election were a terrible disappointment to me. Why couldn’t the electorate see the truth? Encouraged by the outcome, the […]

Trouble in Memphis

On January 7 in Memphis, Tennessee, a number of police officers were videotaped beating a young black man to death.  It was a horrible scene, and it reminded many of us of the Rodney King and George Floyd incidents.  Though not privy to all the details, I can think of no valid excuse for police […]

Hurricanes and Typhoons

An intense tropical cyclone has different labels depending upon where it occurs. In the Atlantic and in the northeast and north-central Pacific it it is called a hurricane. In the northwest Pacific it is called a typhoon. Elsewhere it is usually referred to as a tropical cyclone. Other than the name, there are no differences. […]


Years ago, when reading the Bible, I had difficulty in understanding how the Israelites so quickly turned away from God after he had miraculously rescued them from slavery in Egypt. How could they so soon forget? Some of them went so far as to say that slavery in Egypt, where they had food and shelter, […]

Faith, Hope and Love

Faith, hope and love. Those words ring as true today as when the Apostle Paul  penned them almost two thousand years ago. Faith helps us survive somehow in this often cruel and bitter world.  Faith encourages us to never give up, knowing that the Lord is always with us. Hope springs from our conviction that […]

Worship and Joy

Yesterday I had the opportunity to bathe myself in Christian fellowship.  In the morning I attended a beautiful music program at my own church, Bishop Cummins Reformed Episcopal Church in Catonsville, Maryland.  It was a mixture of traditional  Christmas choral music, a magnificent organ and trumpet presentation, and a symphony of carols on handbells.  It […]

Golden Bells

Saunders Jordan 1895 My dear father went to be with the Lord in 1958.  He was 84 years old and the son of a Civil War veteran.  He went to medical school, graduating in 1899.  He served in World War I, endured the depression and World War II, and lived to see man’s first rocket […]