The unHappy Plantation

Slavery has existed since the beginning of recorded history.  The great civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome were built on a foundation of slave labor, and slavery continued to exist in various parts of the world until the modern era. The African slave trade was a very profitable business, and many nations and peoples reaped […]

The Zimmerman Telegram

In late 1916 the war in Europe had been raging for more than two years, and victory did not appear to be in sight for either side.  On the Eastern Front there were signs that the Russians might be cracking, and outright revolution was increasingly likely.  If this happened, and if Russia withdrew from the […]

Song of Roland, The

In northern Spain, only a few miles from the French border, there is a mountain pass through the Pyrenees known as Roncevalles.  In the year 778 the Emperor Charlemagne was returning from a campaign against Muslims in the Iberian Peninsula.  His rear guard and baggage train was attacked and overwhelmed as it moved through the […]

DNA Testing

For many years the members of my Jordan family believed that they were descendants of the Samuel Jordan who sailed in 1609  from Plymouth, England on the ship Sea Venture, shipwrecked off Bermuda, and continued on to Jamestown in 1610.  This was the story as it appeared in a History of Halifax County Virginia by […]

The Last Jar

My daughter-in-law Joy shared the following story with her extended family.  I thought it a very loving and beautiful  tribute to her Dad and to family. While our kitchen was being packed for our next move, Lucy was packing-up our pantry items. She came upon an old jar of sweet potatoes in the back corner of […]


A few days ago I went to see a film entitled Breakthrough. It is the account of a true medical miracle, a young person revived from apparent death from drowning.  It is a true and amazing story, and it is beautifully told and acted. It places great emphasis on the power of prayer. The people […]

Buttigieg vs Pence

The recent war of words between Pete Buttigieg, Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and Vice President Mike Pence is an excellent illustration of one of the fundamental differences between liberal/progressive and conservative thinking. Buttigieg was the one who started the war.  In an evident attempt to distinguish himself from his rivals for the Democratic presidential […]