I am not a physicist, theoretical or otherwise.  I have a hard time understanding Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, and Quantum physics tends to put me in an absolute funk.  But even the greatest minds are incapable of putting it all together in a comprehensible whole.  They have been unable to come up with a theory […]

The First Stone

The First Stone Over the past month or so I have been shocked and saddened to learn of Ravi Zacharias’ secret life.  Evidently he was guilty of serial sexual indiscretions, and these were later compounded by untruthful denials.  The facts slowly emerged after his death last year I was a great admirer of Ravi.  I […]

Nature vs Nurture

The nature vs nurture debate rages on.  Nowhere is it more evident than in  changes in people’s attitudes about homosexuality and their reaction to recent challenges to  traditional  definitions of gender.  It is a muddled world out there.  The fundamental question is the extent to what particular aspects of our behavior are a product of […]

I Will Never Know

Sometimes I recall past events in my life with either embarrassment or amusement.  It really depends on how stupid my behavior was at the time. When I was 13 to 16  I ran around with a group of fellow teens.  They were good guys and girls, generally well behaved, and we had loads of fun […]

Cinematic Impressions

It is interesting to consider the impact of American cinema on our culture – indeed on the world’s culture.  At times, when reading a British novel or watching a British film, I’m surprised to see allusions to certain Hollywood film stars or movies.  The influence of our cinema is undeniable. Many young people in other […]

France 1940

French Army on Parade in 1939 Here I write a cautionary tale about the destruction of a fine army and the ignominious collapse of a proud nation.  It is the story of France, 1940.  Parts of the story I have told before.  This is a more complete account of the events leading up to May-June […]

Head in the Sand

Before the Presidential election I was a confirmed news junkie, absorbing as much information I could from all available sources.  I spent more than three hours a day in that pursuit. Over the past several months I have become more and more a news recluse.  I drop in on a television news station from time […]

Watch That Ice!

This morning I looked out my back window and saw a number of birds around my feeders scrambling for the last few seeds.  The back yard is a veritable sheet of ice, so there was no way I would be able to replenish the feeders.  Instead, I decided to try another approach. I filled a […]

The Wrong Pill

Have you ever taken the wrong medication?   Some years ago my wife and I were hurriedly preparing to attend a funeral.  The husband of a niece had died, and we were to attend his funeral service at a church in Annapolis.  Relatives from out-of-town had spent the night at our home and would follow […]