An Electoral Travesty

The 2020 Presidential election is one that will live in infamy.  No matter whom you supported, an honest examination of the facts will show that there may have been voter manipulation and cheating on a hitherto unprecedented scale, particularly in certain swing states.  Honorable men may differ in their opinion as to whether the chicanery […]

Au Revoir, Branch

Tomorrow I drive to Williamsburg, Virginia, to say a fond adieu and au revoir to my nephew Branch Tucker Fields, Jr.  Branch departed this life a few days ago after a difficult two year period with serious medical issues.  We will miss him. Adieu is a perfect word for parting.  Literally, it means “to God” […]

Big Enough

My wife and I were the proud parents of five healthy sons.  As the years passed, they grew to be fine men.  Each of them is different in looks, abilities, and attitudes, but all of them love the Lord and attempt to serve him faithfully.  As you might expect, their mother and I loved them […]

A Way Out

Like most Americans, I have been extremely disturbed by the sad news coming from the Ukraine.  The images of burning cities and suffering civilians are distressing, and we wish that there was some way that we could stop the carnage. Personally, I believe that we should render all possible assistance to the Ukrainians short of […]

Mores and Morals

Mores refer to the social conventions of a society.  They define what is acceptable behavior in that society.  Morals relate to those behaviors that an individual himself or herself believes to be right or wrong.  A person’s morals may or may not conform to the mores of the society of which he or she is […]

Warm Memories

Yesterday we had a late cold snap after a few days of spring-like weather.  I loved the beauty of the snow coming down, but I did not like the drop in temperature.  As I grow older, I have become more sensitive to the cold. At times like this my mind tends to fill with visions […]

Doom, Gloom and Hope

What fools we mortals be! On my 10th birthday in 1939 I witnessed a madman lead his nation into a war of conquest that eventually consumed the lives of more than 50 million men, women and children. Short days ago, another godless madman sent his armies into a neighboring nation, causing death and destruction and […]

Fight for the Planet

Climate change is a real issue.  Perhaps some alarmists exaggerate the immediate danger, but there is no doubt that the earth is warming.  The glaciers are disappearing, and forest fires are becoming an increasing problem in the American west and in Europe.  There are contradictory reports on polar ice, but if we experience significant shrinkage […]


During the summer of 2020 many of America’s cities suffered riots.  What can we do to end the rioting? What long term solutions are possible that will bring an end to these episodic periods of racial and social mayhem?  What will bring a sense of real fulfillment and freedom to our black brothers and sisters? […]

The Swamp

In my March 3 post I wrote about “bureaucratic tyranny.” Conservatives like to label the Federal bureaucracy as “the swamp’, and conjure up images of alligators and venomous snakes that are poised to destroy any elected official foolish enough to contest bureaucratic control over the levers of government. In truth, the bureaucracy is mostly composed […]