Many visitors to my web site are looking for family information and possible connections.  To help you in your search, I decided to list the names of those families to whom I am related back for five generations.  I have listed only the first named individual in each family.  Related to the Jordans:  Richard Church […]

The Jordan Name

Despite the recent hubbub about politics, the most frequently visited post on the blog is the one entitled “Jordan Family Roots.”  I must have a lot of cousins out there. The surname Jordan is not uncommon, and the fact you and I may have the same last name is not a strong indication we […]

Adrift in the Ice

This election made me feel very old.  It seems that history has passed me by.  All the old truths once held to be inviolable are being tossed out the window.  My childhood heroes are being reclassified as villains, and social activities and language once considered abhorrent are now thought normal. I have the sensation of […]

Go in Peace!

Many of Trump’s former allies are turning on him.  A few cabinet members and other high officials have resigned. Some accuse him of inciting the recent riots in Washington by his refusal to accept the election results. Trump responds with vicious assaults against these one time friends and supporters of his administration. I detest fair […]

Finally Over?

Too bad the election season is ending in riots.  There is no excuse for violence.  We are a nation of laws.  The law gets it wrong on occasion, but we must accept its decisions.  Trump alienated many of his supporters by his refusal to accept a result that appeared inevitable. Now, after the outbreak of […]

The Melting Pot

America is sometimes described as a melting pot, and in many ways we are.  Although first and second generation Americans tend to cluster with those of the same race or nationality, within a few generations that distinctiveness and separation begins to disappear. The process of amalgamation is accelerated by our increasingly mobile society. The American […]

Goodbye Mother, Farewell Father.

Democrats in the House of Representatives are considering new House rules that would ban the use of most gender specific words. “He” or “she” would become “Member,” “Delegate” or “Resident Commissioner.” And “father” and “mother” would become “parent” while “brother” and “sister” would be “sibling.” I believe the world is going mad. It brings to […]

A Fellowship of Love

I thank God for the Church and for Christian fellowship.  I had the good fortune of being born in a loving, Christ centered home, and I have been faithful in attending church for most of my life.  For the past 42 years I have been a member of the Bishop Cummins Reformed Episcopal Church in […]

A New Year Blessing

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I pray that this will be a much better year than the one just past.  2020 was a year of pandemic and political turmoil, and I have never seen the country more divided than it is today. Take a deep breath, and reach out to your neighbors with a hand of friendship. […]

The Gift

Consider for a moment the beautiful verse that closes the beloved Christmas carol In the Bleak Midwinter. What can I give Him,Poor as I am?If I were a shepherdI would bring a lamb,If I were a wise manI would do my part,Yet what I can I give Him,Give my heart. This theme has been expressed […]