Throw Up Your Hands

On the day after Christmas I gathered with about twenty other senior citizens for our weekly forum. It is an eclectic group of men ranging in age from 55 to 90-plus. Subjects for discussion are wide ranging, and occasionally we venture into the hot topic of current politics. Both liberal and conservative viewpoints are represented, […]


  Christmas Joy This is a photograph of our sons Stuart and Sandy Jr. on Christmas morning, December 25, 1959.  What memories!  This one was fortunately recorded on film.  There are many others, just as poignant, that are written on our hearts. When you think of it in a scientific sense, an image like this […]

Holding Hands in the Dark

Last Christmas eve, as I was leaving church, I wished everyone a very merry Christmas.  One lady responded by saying that church attendance, especially on Christmas eve, is like “holding hands in the dark.” As we look around and read the headlines, it does seem that the world is a very dark place. Every day […]

Camping Problems

  The names of our friends in the following story have been changed to protect them from possible embarrassment.  Otherwise, the details of this incident are as accurate as my memory will permit. In October 1973, my wife Ann and I, Stuart, Harold, Robert, and Eric joined a group of friends from our church for […]

Cargo Cults

One of the strangest and most fascinating occurrences to come out of the South Pacific in the aftermath of World War II was the appearance of so-called “cargo cults” among some of the Melanesian natives in New Guinea and nearby islands. During the war these remote island people had been exposed to American and Australian […]

Candelabric Catastrophe

Yes.  Don’t tell me. I agree that there is no such word as candelabric.  That said, let me proceed with my story. Each of can probably recall some embarrassing moment in his or her past, a moment that was extremely distressful at the time but upon which we can now look back with some amusement. […]