1895 I loved my father.  He was 56 years old when I was born, so in some ways he was more like a grandfather.  I held him in awe, but he never showed me anything but kindness and concern.  He was a rock of support, a shelter in any storm. 1928 Lord, I thank you […]

Capitalism vs Socialism

From our very beginnings of our nation, our society has been built on a foundation of capitalism, an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit. The same economic model developed in all nations of western Europe.  Inevitably, some people fell behind in the competition, and […]

Let Us Reason Together

  I have written enough on this subject – at least for a while.  Nevertheless, I feel compelled take one more shot. Yes, black lives do matter! I believe it.  Everyone I know believes it. I can understand why rage boils up in the American black community.  For years they were enslaved. Following their liberation […]


  Madness is in the air.  Insanity rules in television newsrooms, and many governing officials appear to have lost their ability to think.  Some of our cities tremble on the brink of anarchy. We are all sinners.  We have a wonderful country in which we take pride, but there is no perfect person, nation, or […]

No Business Like Show Business

  A man stood alone at the bar.  He looked depressed and had been drinking steadily.  The bartender, who knew the man slightly, approached his customer. “Hey, Joe,” he said.  “It looks like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.” “That the truth,” answers Joe. “What’s the problem, Joe?” “My wife left […]

Will the Truth Come Out?

In this post I copy a recent WND op-ed by Lt. Col. James Zumwalt, USMC (Ret).  I usually do not quote other writers to this extent, but I believe that Zumwalt provides a succinct and cogent description of some of the major political events that produced headlines over the past few years.  His viewpoint is […]

Elections: The Electoral College

There have been frequent complaints about the electoral college and the fact that our President is not chosen by popular vote.  In compliance with the Constitution, each state receives an electoral ballot for each U.S. senator and one for each of its  representatives in Congress.  How the state chooses its electors is up to the […]

What Can We Do?

For the past week our great cities have been torn apart by mobs of citizens protesting the brutal murder of George Floyd while in police custody.  There was no possible excuse for the way which Minneapolis police treated Mr. Floyd, and the guilty parties must be brought to justice.  But what can we do to […]


I understand that some protesters say that they will keep marching in the streets until police brutality against blacks is entirely eliminated. Unfortunately, that means that they will be marching forever. Some men are evil, and a few evil men at times become policemen. It’s the sad truth. No amount of screening will eliminate the […]

Lord, Help Us!

Recently, highly respected General Mattis made some critical remarks about his former boss, President Trump. Unfortunately, Trump could not simply shake these criticisms off. After all, if he gets out of bed he will be criticized. In reply to Mattis, Trump resorted to his usual method of hurling a few mean barbs in the general’s […]