Canal Drive

  Canal Drive This is a recent photograph of Canal Drive, Carolina Beach, North Carolina.  It was the site of my last home at the beach before Ann and I moved elsewhere.  As you can see, in this area the ocean is a very short distance from the sound.  It is a place of many […]

Veteran’s Day

  On this Veteran’s Day it would be well to remember some brave Americans. Almost 90,000 American airmen died in World War II, either in military action or by other cause (usually accident). Approximately 40,000 of these men went down in flames during the air war over Europe.  Thousands more were lost in the Pacific.  […]


Yesterday there was news that Michael Bloomberg is considering a run for the Presidency.  Obviously, to do this, he will have to compete with other Democrats for the party’s nomination.  It is late, but if Bloomberg should garner sufficient support among rank and file Democrats it could have a profound effect on the next election.  […]

Loving You

On some nights sixty-six years ago I stood guard in a military camp in Korea.  As I walked back and forth in the cold, alert to the sounds and movements around me, my mind was filled with thoughts of home.  I thought especially of the loving wife that waited for me there.  Out of those […]


  “Quid est veritas?” said Pilate to Jesus. What is truth?  Is there such a thing as absolute truth? Many people, especially those of a progressive bent, deny that there is such a thing as objective truth and say that truth is a matter of perspective.  They insist that all truth claims should be recognized […]

A Beloved Brother

As I have written on numerous occasions, I was blessed with a wonderful, loving family.  I had four half-brothers and three half-sisters, but I never thought of any of them being anything else but whole. The youngest, Harold Rives Fields, was eight and a half years my senior, and as a young boy I truly […]

War of the Worlds

Attack of the Martians On October 30, 1938, many citizens of the United States were thrown into a panic by news of an attack by aliens from outer space. CBS was broadcasting an exciting drama based on the H.G. Wells novel, War of the Worlds, published 40 years before. The science fiction classic told of […]