A Theistic Disputation

When I posted GOD TALK 7 on September 5th, I unknowingly stepped on a hornet.  A person identifying himself as being with Clubschadenfreude commented on my post.  I responded briefly, but upon further reflection I decided to answer the criticisms more fully. First, what is Clubschadenfreude?  I honestly do not know.  The German word schadenfreude […]

God Talk 7

At times it appears that some members of the scientific community, allied with the humanists, wish to destroy religious faith.  They demean our cherished religious beliefs and traditions as being concocted from a miasmic fabric of ancient myths and medieval superstitions.  They believe this world is all there is, and we should make the most […]


Four Jordans about to Descend On an Unsuspecting German City The day after our visit to Koblenz, we toured the famous university town of Heidelberg.  The city is located on the Neckar River some miles east of its confluence with the Rhine, so our tour group boarded buses for the short trip. Our first stop […]


As we travelled up the Rhine River, our second stop in Germany was at the city of Koblenz.  The city is at the confluence of the Moselle and Rhine rivers, and the heights above the place give one a truly impressive vista.  The fortress of Ehrenbreitstein in situated on a hill overlooking Koblenz.  We toured […]

God Talk 6

In previous posts I discussed the wonders of our universe and the equally fascinating mysteries of the sub-microscopic world.  It appears that every day brilliant scientists discover more information about the intricacies of God’s creation. One fact that astounds me is that many of these scientists seem to believe that all of these wonders came […]


After departing from the Netherlands, our Viking riverboat moved up the Rhine into Germany.  The great city of Cologne was our next stop. The Romans established a military post and colony at this place in 50 AD, and that gave Cologne its name. The city eventually became one of the most important trade and production centers […]

Sad and Perilous Times

It seems that each new day President Biden exhibits further signs of incompetency.  I had warned of this before the election, but I take no pleasure in being proved right.  Instead, I am very sad for him – but most of all I grieve for our country.  We are living in perilous times with no […]

More of the Netherlands

I thought it good to share two more photographs of Amsterdam.  The first photo was taken as we lunched with grandniece Molly Zaken and family at a sidewalk café.  Molly’s children, left to right, are Zoe, Talia, and Eitan.  What a beautiful family.  Molly, daughter-in-law Jeannine, me, and granddaughter Audrey are the other people in […]

The Netherlands

Upon arriving in Europe on August 2nd, we spent two delightful days in Holland.  Among the highlights were our excursions to Haarlem and Zolendam.  We truly enjoyed the old town center of Haarlem, a truly beautiful part of greater Amsterdam.  This photograph will give you a sense of the place. Town centers like this are […]