How? Why?

Yesterday, April 4, 2023, the enemies of Donald Trump trashed the American legal system in their attempt to bring down the former President. The indictment was a ridiculous web of charges that should be thrown out of court by any honest judge. Unfortunately, it appears the prosecutor will attempt to drag this matter into the 2024 election season to damage Trump’s candidacy.

How can we stop this nonsense? Shall we allow a state or regional district attorney to disrupt an entire election?

An even more serious question is why so many establishment Republicans remain silent at this troubling moment. I realize that many of them absolutely despise Trump and believe him an obnoxious and possibly dangerous outsider. On the other hand, can they not see how radical leftists are destroying our nation? They are are a far greater threat than Donald Trump.

The basic foundations the American republic are under attack. Speak up George Bush. Speak up Mitt Romney. Speak up Paul Ryan.

Now is the time for every lover of democracy to take a stand.

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