The following was written and posted on this blog in October 2020, more than two years ago.

For more than a year reports have been swirling around less well-known news channels and the blogosphere about shady dealings by Hunter Biden, Joe’s son, with a corrupt Ukrainian oil company and with Chinese communist operatives.  This began while Joe Biden was Vice President. Considerable amounts of money were involved, and some of these reports suggested that the senior Biden himself may have been implicated.  The mainstream media tended to dismiss these stories out-of-hand with cries of “there is no evidence of wrongdoing.” But it appears that there was no serious investigative reporting by the major news organizations.  Joe Biden was rarely questioned about the business, but when asked he professed to have no knowledge of his son’s overseas business activities.

This week the lid may have been blown off and truth exposed.  If these latest revelations are proven to be correct, they will reveal Joe Biden to be a thoroughly corrupt politician who was willing to sell his nation’s interests for private gain.  If this new information is false, it would be the most elaborate and sophisticated hoax ever perpetrated on the American public.

The details are as follows.  Hunter Biden supposedly dropped off a computer laptop for repair.  After holding the computer laptop for a long time (past the designated pick-up period), the shop owner examined the hard drive content and discovered what he believed to be incriminating information.  He copied the drive and sent a copy to the FBI.  He also sent a copy to Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer.  This week, some of the material derived from the hard drive began appearing in the New York Post. This consists principally of e-mails between Hunter Biden and various contacts, domestic and foreign, and information contained therein appears to be totally damning.  If these e-mails reflect the truth, and there is little reason to doubt their authenticity, Joe Biden is a thoroughly corrupt politician.

Will the truth come out?  The major news organizations are firmly squatting on the lid of this story.  Not a word of it came out during the Biden Town Hall on Thursday evening.  Suppression appears to be the watchword for the Biden-supporting leftist media.  But can they really tamp this story down? 

If this was a derogatory story about the President, media pundits would need no verification.  They would be trumpeting Trump’s evil deeds to all the world.  ” 

Remember, the above was written more that two years ago. During the weeks that followed there was a massive cover-up by those opposed to the reelection of Trump. Major news organizations refused to publish the story. There were lies from respected former intelligence officials saying that the laptop was Russian disinformation. The general public remained mostly uninformed. Shielded from revelations of the sordid truth, Joseph Biden won the election.

Hunter Biden’s laptop has been in FBI’s possession since December of 2019, and its contents have been analyzed and verified. These contents reveal a sorry tale of corruption and malfeasance on the part of Joseph Biden and family. The Department of Justice assigned follow-up responsibility to the Federal prosecutor in Delaware. Since that time there have been no legal charges filed against any member of the Biden family, and no arrest has been made.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump expects to be arrested next week and charged with paying hush-money to a prostitute sometime during his 2016 election campaign.  

It appears that Lady Justice may have lost her blindfold.

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