A Wise Comment

The following comment was in response to my most recent post. I repost it here, without attribution, because I believe the writer is absolutely correct. Everyone should take notice.

“It is difficult to lay the blame on one group, but the journalism profession I think is a good place to start. It has failed its Constitutional duty and has become a left wing political mob offering opinions with inaccurate factual statements. Perhaps they justify this tactic of inaccurate reporting out of fear of individuals who they perceive as right wing totalitarians. The result, however, is that a large segment of the population no long listens to the media, especially the national media. Large segments of society are manipulated into electing leaders who are incompetent, sometimes deviant. This is a dangerous time. We are extremely vulnerable. Our foreign enemies are at the ready to pounce and are looking for just the right moment.”

I thank the writer for his thoughts. I would give him the credit, but I did not receive his permission to do so.

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