Problems in the DOJ

I have posted almost nothing since the beginning of this year.  After all, what more can I say?

The Democrats are in control of the executive branch of government and the Senate.  With few exceptions, I consider them a coterie of misguided incompetents.  Unfortunately, they are in position to do a great deal of harm.

The Department of Justice is my greatest concern.  I give you three good reasons.  First, they have had Hunter Biden’s laptop since December 2019.  Thirty-nine months have elapsed since that time.  It is obvious that the laptop contains incriminating information  concerning Hunter and other members of the Biden family, but no charges have been brought.  Second, a number of peaceful citizens have been arrested for praying or protesting in the vicinity of abortion clinics.  In some cases these incidents took place more than a year ago and charges had been dropped by local authorities.  Nevertheless, Federal agents descended on these people as if they were armed and dangerous felons.  Third, many pregnancy care centers have been destroyed or vandalized and Supreme Court justices threated and harassed, but the DOJ has taken no action to arrest and prosecute the perpetrators.

Justice is no longer blind in the United States.  Instead, the system is being used to support leftist progressives and destroy the conservative opposition.

2 thoughts on “Problems in the DOJ

  1. Good to hear from you. I thought you had decided to take a cruise and forget Washington scene! Your posted comments are my beliefs..Keep them coming!!!!!


  2. It is difficult to lay the blame on one group, but the journalism profession I think is a good place to start. It has failed its Constitutional duty and has become a left wing political mob offering opinions with inaccurate factual statements. Perhaps they justify this tactic of inaccurate reporting out of fear of individuals who they perceive as right wing totalitarians. The result, however, is that a large segment of the population no long listens to the media, especially the national media. Large segments of society are manipulated into electing leaders who are incompetent, sometimes deviant. This is a dangerous time. We are extremely vulnerable. Our foreign enemies are at the ready to pounce and are looking for just the right moment.


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