A Jordan Genealogy

My son Stuart Jordan recently published a genealogy covering the descendants of Robert and Henry Jordan, brothers living in Virginia’s Middle Peninsula in the middle 1700s.  Robert moved to Halifax County, Virginia in 1779, and Henry, a Revolutionary War veteran, joined him there after the war before later moving on to Tennessee.   Robert had eleven children, Henry six, and the lines proliferated.  The book reveals relationships between many Jordan families as well as certain other family connections over the past two and a half centuries, ending with my generation.

Hard copies of the book are not available at this time, but Stuart has enabled me to offer it to you on-line in PDF format at no cost.  Let me know if you are interested.

One thought on “A Jordan Genealogy

  1. Hi – My family are Jordans as well, and my mom has traced us back to Samuel Jordan of Jordan’s Journey. I would be very interested in the book. Would you be willing to send me a copy? Thank you!


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