Throw Them Out!

With scant public notice, President Biden and Vice President Harris recently announced that all Federal prisoners being held on a conviction of marijuana possession would be released.

Marijuana is being legalized in many states, so on the surface, this would appear to be a just and fair decision; but the facts reveal something different.  No one is being held in Federal prison for possessing a joint of marijuana.  At the very least, these people were charged with being serious drug dealers, and often this charge had been pled down from even more severe offenses.

As with the recent announcement of student loan forgiveness, the Biden administration is pandering in an effort to buy more votes in the coming election.  Truth is lost in the shuffle.

The general public will pay the price for these decisions.  Crime is already rampant in our large cities, and this prisoner release will probably make it worse.

The Biden administration is an unmitigated disaster.   In two days American voters will have an opportunity to vote many Biden supporters out of office.

Throw the rascals out!

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