A Well of Corruption

In October 2020, on the eve of the election, a man named Tony Bobulinski appeared on the Tucker Carlson show and made some startling claims about his connections with the Biden family and their joint dealings with state operatives in mainland China.  These were explosive charges, but after that brief exposure Tony Bobulinski disappeared  from the public screen.  He had little to no impact on the Presidential election.

Last night, October 4, 2022, Tony Bobulinski reappeared on the Tucker Carlson show.  As I watched Bobulinski tell his story and present his evidence , I came to the following conclusion.  Either this man is a total fraud and hoaxer, or he has exposed a well of corruption in Washington, D.C., deeper and more dangerous than anything I had previously imagined.  There can be no other interpretation. 

I regret to say that I believe Bobulinski is telling the truth.  If so, these facts inevitably follow:

  • Bobulinski has documentary evidence to support his claims about the Bidens.
  • Joseph Biden and other members of the Biden family were fully aware of Hunter Biden’s foreign activities and profited from them.
  • FBI agents interrogated Bobulinski for hours, promised to get back to him, and then failed to  contact him afterwards.
  • Bobulinski has offered to testify before the Federal grand jury investigating Hunter Biden, but he has not been called.
  • Bobulinski also expressed his wish to be investigated and interviewed by a member of the mainstream media, but no one appears interested.
  • It now appears that Federal officials, in collaboration with mainstream media, Facebook, Twitter, etc. took deliberate steps to suppress the Bobulinski story along with other anti-Biden news.  It seems that they continue to suppress, but perhaps the wall of  silence is about to break.

This is a very disturbing story.  It means that a morass of corruption and deceit extends to the very highest echelons of the FBI and the DOJ.  I had thought better of my government.

It also reveals the complicity and dishonesty of the mainstream media.

The truth  must be exposed, and then let’s throw the rascals out.

P.S.   Forget about Zuckerbucks, 4,000 mules and all the other election skulduggery.  If the truth about the Biden’s had been known, Trump would still be our President.

One thought on “A Well of Corruption

  1. The plot thickens as does the murk. Has it always been so? Were we raised to be too idealistic? Something has to give –God Help Us.


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