The Gathering Storm

The Gathering Storm was the first volume in Winston Churchill’s multi-volume history of World War II. 

I am basically an optimist, and I do not wish to be thought of as a doomsayer, but I am extremely concerned about the current world situation.

Europe stands on the precipice of a possible disaster.  Europe is very dependent on Russian oil and gas, and that dependence increased as the Biden Administration put severe brakes on the American fossil fuel industry. Europe now has almost no alternative source.  In the midst of the war between Russia and the Ukraine, the Russians have sharply cut oil and gas supplies to the West. Europe is desperate for fuel – especially natural gas.  As winter approaches, there is a very real chance of mass unemployment, food shortages, power outages, and miserable living conditions.  The deteriorating situation might lead to riots and revolution, and the effects could be catastrophic.  Let’s pray that some solution is found before it’s too late.  Ending the Russian-Ukrainian war could relieve the pressure, but thus far there appears little hope that will happen soon.  Will Biden ease his strictures on American fuel producers in order to succor Europe?  Is there enough time to do so? 

In the Far East, another sort of threat is looming.  China is flexing its muscles and making threats about a possible invasion of Taiwan.  What will we do if it does?  What should we do?

I have very little confidence in the assemblage of incompetents currently running our government.

Peace is a very precious, fragile thing, and men can be incredibly stupid.

Are we on the eve of another world storm?   

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