Laptops and Lies

In April 2019 someone identifying himself as Hunter Biden left a laptop for repair at a computer shop in Wilmington, Delaware.  The laptop was not picked up.  Eventually, the shop owner, Mr. Isaac,  reviewed the contents of the laptop and discovered very disturbing material indicating criminal activities on the part of Hunter.  Some of the laptop’s content appeared to have national security implications.  Isaac contacted the FBI in July, but it was not until December 2019 that federal agents took possession of the laptop.  In the meantime, Isaac had made copies of the laptop’s hard drive contents.  With no follow-up from the FBI for nine months, in September 2020 Isaac turned a copy of the hard drive over to former New York city mayor Rudy Giuliani, one of President Trump’s lawyers at that time. Giuliani then delivered a copy to the New York Post.

On October 14, 2020, less than a month before the Presidential election, the New York Post published an article about Hunter’s laptop and the incriminating information it contained about the Bidens.  The Democrat election machinery and the anti-Trump news media immediately went into high gear to suppress the story.  There were charges that the laptop was nothing more than Russian disinformation, and most liberal news outlets, including the supposedly neutral NPR, refused to carry any information confirming the laptop’s existence.  The vast majority of Americans remained blissfully ignorant.

The FBI had possession of the laptop from December 2019, and its forensic computer experts must have quickly realized that the laptop was authentic.  On October 19, 2000, John Ratcliffe, then director of National Intelligence, told Fox News that the laptop was not part of a Russian disinformation campaign.  Unfortunately, on that very same day a group of 51 former intelligence officials released an open letter alleging that material being released from the laptop “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”  That statement attracted media-wide coverage. Ratcliffe’s statement got none.

On October 22, during the second Presidential debate, President Trump tried to introduce evidence from the laptop, but Biden cited the letter from the intelligence officials to counter his attack.

On October 27 Tucker Carlson of Fox News interviewed Tony Bobulinski, former Hunter Carlson business associate.  Bobulinsky confirmed the accuracy of some information released from the laptop as well as Joe Biden’s involvement with his son Hunter in certain financial deals with communist Chinese operatives.  Again, the story was ignored by the rest of mainstream media.

On November 3, 2020, Joseph Biden, won the Presidential election.  There was considerable evidence of vote manipulation; but, contrary to the opinion of Trump and his most fervent supporters, most Americans accepted the election results as legitimate.    However, post-election surveys seem to prove that Trump would have been the outright election winner had voters been aware of the Hunter laptop story.

During the last year the authenticity of the laptop has been confirmed by many news organizations that formerly condemned it as a fake.  For the most part, the DOJ and the FBI remain strangely silent, but a few knowledgeable people are talking.

Former National Intelligence Director Ratcliffe recently said that he knew the laptop was real in October 2020 and that Attorney General Barr and FBI Director Wray also knew the truth.

Even though FBI leaders and many in the rank and file must have known that the laptop exposed Hunter’s probable criminality, Mark Zukerberg of Facebook now says that FBI agents warned him in 2020 of a Russian disinformation dump, and that encouraged him to suppress all entries relating to the laptop.  Zukerberg probably needed little encouragement. He spent hundreds of millions of his own dollars to defeat Trump.

Attorney General Barr now admits that he knew that Joseph Biden was not being truthful about the laptop during the 2020 Presidential debate, but he chose to remain silent.

The 51 former intelligence officials have not issued another statement.

FBI Director Wray says nothing.

Thus far, Hunter Biden has not been officially charged with anything.

It is perfectly apparent that many past and present government officials, along with most members of the media and Big Tech, were willing do almost anything to prevent Trump’s reelection in 2020.  They lied about the laptop.  They deliberately suppressed the truth about its contents, and whenever possible they continue to do so.  As Sam Harris, Trump hater and atheistic philosopher expressed it, “Hunter Biden literally could have had the corpses of children in his basement, I would not have cared.” For Harris and his fellows, defeating Trump was the ultimate objective, and no holds were barred in achieving that goal..

The entire affair became a miserable cacophony of deceit and duplicity. Most of the liars are intelligent people, and many of them are proven patriots.  Why are they willing to perjure themselves to defeat Trump?  Can’t they realize that Biden and his radical progressive allies are a far greater threat to our nation than Trump will ever be?  

We are paying the price for their dishonesty.   Biden’s administration has been a disaster.  I can hardly believe how much our society has deteriorated in the past few years, and much of it is a result of the insane policies of the so-called progressives within the Democrat Party..

Next month a feature length movie will be released that exposes much of the content of Hunter’s laptop.  It is titled, My Son Hunter.

I’m looking forward to its release and hope the liberals don’t manage to suppress it.         

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