Christianity is under attack even in many countries considered nominally Christian..  Prepare yourself for persecution.  Nowhere is this danger more evident than in Western Europe. 

Paivi Rasanen  has been a member of Finland’s Parliament for 27 years.  She is being tried in a Finnish court for tweeting a Bible verse and publishing a small pamphlet on Christian marriage that prosecutors are seeking to ban as “hate speech.”  

In addition to her years of parliamentary service, Paivi is a medical doctor, a mother of five children and grandmother of ten.  She holds the Biblical view of marriage and says “If we break the gender system and if we break the natural marriage system between one man and one woman, then we have dangerous consequences, especially to children.”  She is being persecuted for tweeting a Bible verse and supporting the traditional view of marriage verbally and in writing.  In this moment of trial, she holds firm to her Christian faith.

While Paivi Rasanen defends her faith in Finland, another woman is being attacked for her Christian beliefs in England. 

Maureen Martin had worked as a housing manager for 13 years without a problem.  Then Maureen, an ordained Christian minister, decided to run for mayor.  In an on-line response to questions about issues, she expressed her views on marriage.  She opined that “natural marriage between a man and a woman is the fundamental building block for a successful society and is the safest environment for raising children.”

The leftists went after her with a vengeance.  She was accused of being homophobic.  The housing organization she worked for then fired her for expressing what could be perceived as “discriminatory, hurtful and offensive views toward members of the LGBTQ+ community, non-traditional families, and abortion.”

Martin’s case is now being litigated.

I understand that Christians in Canada also have had some legal problems because of their traditional views.

In our own country, the progressive wing of the Democrat party makes no secret of their disdain for those who hold fast to Biblical teachings about marriage, family and sex. Prepare yourself for attack.  It might happen here very soon.

(The information on Paivi Rasenen was extracted from The Federalist, that on Maureen Martin from WND.)

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