The Great Disruptor

The most amazing thing about Donald Trump is his ability to stir up such intense dislike and hatred among his political opponents.   He is the great disruptor, a focus for their enmity. Their disapprobation also extends to his supporters, those whom Hillary Clinton referred to as “deplorables.”

FBI agent Peter Strzok, in a communication with Lisa Page, FBI lawyer, said that he could “smell” Trump supporters while shopping in a local Wallmart.

Recently, Edward Luce, associate editor of The Financial Times, wrote that he had covered extremism and violent ideologies around the world but had “never come upon a political force more nihilistic, dangerous and contemptible than today’s Republicans – nothing close!”   Former CIA Director Michael Hayden, who appears to have become deranged, agreed with this assessment.

How could intelligent and educated men make such a statement?  Are they so ready to condemn the seventy-four million Americans who voted for President Trump in the 2020 election?

Sam Harris, American philosopher and atheistic apologist, loathes Trump to the point of approving any means to keep him from office.  He recently defended the suppression of derogatory news about the Biden family during the weeks leading up to November 3, 2020.  He admits that the left lied to the American people and denied them access to the truth, but covering up the damning evidence against Joe Biden in his son’s laptop was “warranted” because it prevented Donald Trump’s reelection as President.

“Hunter Biden literally could have had the corpses of children in his basement, I would not have cared,” said Harris.

Liz Cheney was once a star in the Republican Party.  She was a party leader in the House, and following Trump’s election in 2016 she was one of the most consistent supporters of his legislative program.  Now, in 2022, she is virulent in her attacks against the former President and seeks to bar him from ever running for political office again. 

The intensity of these anti-Trump feelings frightens me.  What do Trump haters know about the man that I don’t?  I am aware of some of his character faults.  He can be arrogant and unpleasant, and sometimes his passions get the better of his good judgment, but I have seen nothing that makes me regard him as a danger to our republic.  Perhaps the most serious concern arises from his refusal to accept the results of the 2020 election and the ways he sought to reverse it.  Although most people seem to think otherwise, I am convinced that he was cheated out of victory in that election.  Trump himself believed this to be true, and he put great pressure on Republican state officials to find some legitimate path to reversal.  I do not believe there was ever any danger of Trump employing truly extralegal or illegal means to retain his Presidency.  To call the January 6 affair an insurrection constitutes a gross distortion of the facts.  

I consider Donald Trump a patriot who is fighting against an entrenched bureaucracy and a political philosophy that appears well on its way to extinguishing the American dream – the old vision of “a city on a hill”.  If Trump’s enemies can prove him a threat to democracy, let them produce the evidence.  They have been trying to destroy him for the past seven years.   

Because of his perceived shortcomings and the hatred that he inspires in his enemies, many of my conservative friends would prefer that the Republicans offer a candidate other than Trump in the 2024 Presidential election.  They think it may help calm the political storm that is raging in our nation and restore some civility.  Also, perhaps such a candidate would be more electable.  I considered this, but recently I have come to disagree with them.  No matter who the conservative leader may be, the left will attack him viciously with every sort of calumny.  Think what they did to Justice Kavanaugh during his hearings – trying to destroy an honorable man with a litany of lies simply because they opposed his judicial philosophy.  These are the same sort of men who nailed Jesus to the cross.  No, the political heat will not diminish if we choose a different leader, even if that leader has no discernable faults.  The leftist progressives would simply manufacture some supposed defects, apply them liberally to any opponent, and buttress them with testimony from witnesses of questionable probity.  

The leftists fear Trump the most.  He is the person with the energy, strength and determination to stand up to them and possibly clear this nest of vipers out of our nation’s capital.

Let’s elect him in 2024.    

One thought on “The Great Disruptor

  1. This is a ‘keeper’ article. I’m ready to vote – and to be a serious annoyance to any conservative that even hints they won’t vote!


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