Nihilistic Educators

Some people tend to downplay the influence of radical progressives on our schools.  The following article may give them some cause for concern.

Brenda Lesack, teacher, recently attended the National Education Association convention.

Her conclusions:

My worst fears were confirmed.

“Public schools are no longer a safe place for families who hold traditional values or for families who believe gender (as in male/female binary) is biologically determined.  It was also evident that the teachers union is a lobbying arm of the Democratic Party.

“The NEA seems to think there are many gender options, and that’s why teachers and students must always address themselves with their ‘preferred’ pronouns. It thinks this pronoun practice is essential and will create a more inclusive society. That was demonstrated firsthand when each state delegate who spoke during the three-day convention July 4 to 6 was encouraged to state his or her name and “preferred” pronouns before addressing the assembly.  . .  One delegate even announced “they” had a uterus before addressing the assembly, apparently because that was something we all needed to know.

“In the teachers union’s preamble, it says, ‘NEA is to be the national voice for education managed by and for the public good, to advance the cause for ALL individuals.’

“However, as I read the 70 new business items and 40 amendments of bylaws, legislation, and resolutions, and listened to the platform speeches, it was obvious the NEA only represents those who hold the same ideologies and radical leftist political views. “

Lesack’s statement is a sad comment on the state of teacher unions as well as many public schools.  These progressives are trying to steal our children and our culture from us.  When will people rebel against this nonsense?

I believe it is time to return to basics in public education.  Teach students how to read, write, and do mathematics, and then turn them loose to explore the various fields and sources of information in accordance with their interests and abilities. No more sex education!  No more political indoctrination! No more social theories!

Failing that, let us abandon the present public school system and transition to vouchers, allowing parents to choose between a variety of secular and religious schools for their children’s educations.  I trust parents to choose more wisely than these nihilistic educators.  

One thought on “Nihilistic Educators

  1. I intend to send this text to my state reps over and over. I have encouraged my four homeschooled children and their public schooled spouses to do the same.

    “Dear [state rep], On Wednesday (17Aug22) , Heritage Action’s Nathan Duell was on-site for a ceremonial signing of Arizona’s new universal school choice law.

    This is one of the most pro-parent, pro-student, education laws in the country. The law, sponsored by Rep. Ben Toma, creates universal school choice.

    Families have the option of receiving $6,500 per student to pay for private school, homeschooling, microschools, tutoring, and more.”

    I have already sent it to Ben Baker, Newton County, Missouri rep and I am looking for contact information for Jill Carter, our new state Senator.


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