An Apostle for Truth

Liz Cheney is being portrayed as an apostle for truth by some in the media.  Even Democrats who formerly despised her speak glowingly of her bravery and self-sacrifice as she stood up to big, bad Trump.

I’m not among her admirers.  If she honestly believes that the former President is a threat to Democracy I respect her decision to sacrifice her congressional career in an attempt to defeat him.  However, she squandered my good opinion by allying herself with a corrupt Democrat Party.  I’m convinced that Pelosi, Schiff and their ilk are a far greater danger to our nation than President Trump and his associates.  Also, how can Cheney justify her decision to participate in a House committee that was formed in violation of all precedents and conducted its business in such a blatantly unfair manner?  That committee is a travesty.

Goodbye, Liz Cheney.  I hope you will gracefully exit the political stage.

One thought on “An Apostle for Truth

  1. “Goodbye, Liz Cheney. I hope you will gracefully exit the political stage.”

    I doubt it. Liz is the type that will always be a burr under somebody’s saddle. As far as having a future political career, I doubt it unless she wants to join the Democrats. Maybe she should, then she can be a wrecking ball inside of that political party as well. In fact, I think I would happily donate to her campaign if she decided to run against one of the other Democratic big wigs. Liz as the Congress critter for San Francisco? I’d love to see that!


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