Broken Families

Everyone needs to love and be loved.

It always saddens me to observe broken family relationships.  Situations in which a child will not talk to a parent, a parent to a child, or a sibling to a sibling are distressing to me.

I remember a lonely lady in our church who was ignored by her two sons.  She received not so much as a Christmas Card, and she was very unhappy about it.  What had she done to deserve this treatment?

All of us are sinners.  Each of us is imperfect.  Mortal life is short.  Learn to forgive.

Sometimes I think of the Biblical story of Esau and Jacob.  Jacob was the one God loved, but Esau also had his good side.  Jacob cheated his brother badly, robbing him of his birthright.  Years later, when they met again, Jacob feared that Esau would seek vengeance. Instead, Esau treated him as a loving brother.  That was as it should be.

It would take the most heinous sort of offense to separate me from a parent, a brother, a sister, or a child.  Fortunately, I never encountered that sort of problem.  I loved and love all of them dearly, and I believe that love was and is reciprocated.  I praise God for them all.

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