Back to the Harp

Last week I spoke to two conservative friends about my enthusiastic reaction to the documentary 2,000 Mules.  They did not appear very interested.  One of them spoke strongly against any ongoing attempt to re-litigate the 2020 election.  He believes we must concentrate on winning the next election and stop harping on our loss.  He also appears to think that, although there was cheating, Biden probably was the legitimate winner.

I disagree with my friend. 

I am firmly convinced that we were cheated out of victory in 2020, and unless we understand how the opposition stole the election we will not take corrective measures to ensure that future contests are conducted fairly.

2,000 Mules is a brilliant exposé that proves beyond any reasonable doubt that there was a well-organized criminal conspiracy to stuff ballot boxes in certain swing states with thousands of illegal ballots.  The conspirators succeeded to an amazing degree, and the documentary provides incontrovertible visual and statistical evidence of their crime.

Unfortunately, thus far the Department of Justice has shown no interest investigating the matter.  Former Adjutant General Barr said there was no evidence of major fraud in the election, and the current AG is a Biden appointee.  Will the DOJ ever do its job?

The liberal media continues to insist that the 2020 election was one of the fairest elections in the history of our country, and they envelop stories such as that contained in “Mules” in a cone of silence.  Most citizens remain uninformed about the extent of the scandal.

The situation calls out for a full-scale investigative report by a major news organization.   Is there a media giant remaining that has the integrity and the courage to do this most important work?

Until that happens, I’ll keep harping.     

One thought on “Back to the Harp

  1. Each person I have spoken with who did not believe there was election fraud, or who accepted Biden as the people’s choice for President had never seen television presentation of the evidence. Not one of those ‘accepting’ people watch any news sources that showed the analysis of ballots and evidence of online manipulation of voting machines or any information they would see on truthful broadcasts! They don’t even know they used a Dominion voting machine!

    I’m pleased with myself that I did not grab a single one of them by the collar and shake them vigorously. They swallow fake news as though its their preference! Most never watched the old Fox news or Newsmax, had no idea the Parler app was killed by Amazon or that OAN was dropped by AT&T!

    Anyway, my wife and I did watch several of those news sources, some Mike Lindell videos on Rumble (that YouTube blocked) and I ordered a 2000 Mules DVD. We know. You are correct! We do not have a legitimately elected President.


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