Bullish on Mules

Last evening I went to see Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary on the 2020 election, 2,000 Mules..  Quite honestly, I was not expecting much.  Instead, I was truly amazed at the professionalism of the production and the solidity of its evidence that the 2020 election was stolen by the Democrats.

Please, I urge you, see this film for yourself. 

Many people, both Democrat and Republican, wish to avoid the issue.  There is absolutely no chance that results from the 2020 election will be overturned, and many seem convinced that the election was relatively free of fraud.  That’s certainly the line we get from the mainstream media, and anyone who challenges that prevailing narrative is threatened with cancellation.  Nevertheless, I believe that D’Souza and his team have proved, without any doubt, that there was massive cheating in 2020 and that Donald Trump was probably the actual winner.

We cannot change the outcome, but we can take the necessary steps to ensure that the next election is conducted fairly.

See the movie!  Fight for free and fair elections.

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