It’s interesting to think about words and their origins.  Every year we are adding more words to the English language.  Often they originate in the entertainment world, or sometimes they are derived from new technology.  In addition to new words, we find new uses for some of the old ones.

One word that fascinates me is the term “posh”, meaning first class or luxurious.  Its usage began in the late 19th century.  British citizens sailing the long passage to India around Cape Horn wished to have their cabins on the port side, facing Africa.  Coming back to England, the starboard side was preferred.  Port side out, starboard home became “posh.”

These days I am amused when I thank a waiter or other person for some service and they respond with “No problem.”  This is a somewhat recent substitute for “You’re welcome.”  I’m not aware of the derivation.  “I’m good” is a similar sort of response which means “No, thanks” or “I’ve had enough.”

New words and expressions are fascinating.  English is a rich and amazingly adaptable language.    

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