This week I spoke to a friend about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.  Those contents expose the Biden family’s influence peddling and foreign entanglement.  My friend was not interested, He dislikes Donald Trump with a passion, and he puts on blinders as he examines anyone who opposes Trump.  He admits that Biden has faults, but he believes that no one in public life compares in mendacity and evil to the despicable Donald Trump. 

My friend is an intelligent man.  Why does he hate Trump so much?  Does he have some inside information on our former President that I am not aware of?

I think not.  I believe that my friend became a Trump hater because of the constant stream of lies about Trump spewed by leftist pundits.  Even before Trump took office, my friend was persuaded that Trump was a tool of the Russians and mere putty in the hands of Putin.  He still believes that outrageous calumny.  He also believes every other vicious accusation made against Trump and propagated by a corrupt media.

How many Americans are like my friend?  How many citizens have had their clear thinking made impossible by a continuing stream of leftist propaganda and misinformation?

In all fairness, I must admit another possibility.  I hate the Democrats and their progressive, anti-Christian agenda just as much as my friend hates Trump.  Perhaps Trump is as bad as my friend thinks he is, and I am the one wearing the blinders.

Nevertheless, I am persuaded that I am right and my friend is wrong.

Here I take my stand.  Let’s throw Biden and his Democrat supporters out of office.  Let’s make America great again.

And may truth prevail!

One thought on “Blinders

  1. A serious number of Americans have been so thoroughly brainwashed by the news media that they HATE Trump so badly that they’re willing to completely ignore the Biden’s corruption. And that of the Clintons, and the Pelousis. Good luck ever getting this seriously investigated or prosecuted!

    On a personal note, I wonder how many promises President Zelensky of Ukraine is having to make to Joe Biden to hide the details of Hunter’s Ukrainian corruption in exchange for US support against the Russian invasion?


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