The Great Deception

As new revelations come to light, it becomes more and more apparent that over the past few years the American people have been deceived on a massive scale by left-wing operatives.  Their deceptions have been amazingly successful, even to the point of convincing many intelligent, patriotic Americans that their vicious lies are the truth.  It was a gigantic con-game.

These leftist operatives sprang into action following the unexpected election of Donald Trump in November 2016.  Trump was a danger to the progressive’s grip on the reins of government, and he was immediately attacked as an unqualified and illegitimate interloper.

Trump was an easy target.  There were many things about his persona and his past history that could be attacked, and Trump responded with vicious ad hominem attacks on his accusers.  Many principled conservatives found it difficult to approve his nastiness, though some were pleased that they finally had a spokesman who would give leftists, especially the liberal media, a taste of its own medicine..

Then came the lies.  The first great lie was the charge that Donald Trump was a tool of Russia, and that he was subject to coercion and blackmail by Putin.   To support this falsehood, the Steele dossier, a scurrilous collection of half-truths and outright lies, was financed by the Hillary Clinton organization.   Unfortunately, some good people were deceived by this fabrication, including the late Senator John McCaine and perhaps even former President George H. W. Bush.  Trump reacted with his usual venom against anyone who attacked him, thus off-putting those of his supporters who wished for civility in politics.

FBI Director James Comey may have believed the lie., or perhaps he simply disliked and distrusted Trump.  At any rate, he took steps that led to the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate claims of Russian interference in the 2016 election and possible collusion between the Russians and the Trump presidential campaign.  The investigation went on for two years and finally ended with the conclusion that there was no evidence of such collusion.  Nevertheless, certain member of the Congress refused to accept the special counsel’s report and continued to insist that Trump was guilty.

The next big attempt to take Trump down was a result of a phone call he made to the Ukrainian president.  Trump was aware of possibly illegal activities by Biden family members in the Ukraine, and he asked the Ukrainian leader to investigate.  As with all such Presidential telephone calls, the call was recorded.  A Trump hater in the State Department leaked some details of the conversation and accused President of improperly pressuring the Ukrainians to do his bidding.  When the actual transcript of the phone call was revealed it appeared rather innocuous; nevertheless, the Democrat controlled House of Representative impeached the President.  This time the great lie was their contention that Trump’s phone call was a crime or misdemeanor of sufficient gravity to remove him from office.  The entire affair was an exercise in futility.  The  Senate failed to convict.

A year later the editor of The Atlantic Monthly magazine came up with another monstrous lie in hopes of preventing Trump’s reelection.  Without proof, and with contradicting testimony from scores of witnesses, this editor accused President Trump of making ugly, disparaging remarks about American servicemen and women and our honored war dead.  It was a despicable act of journalistic malfeasance.

In 2020 there occurred what was perhaps the greatest deception of all.  The liberal news media deliberately refused to report information about the Hunter Biden laptop.  All major news organizations colluded in suppressing a story that would have been extremely damaging to the Joseph Biden presidential campaign.  

Continuing the lie, after Trump’s electoral defeat in November 2020, the liberal media and big tech deliberately suppressed stories of electoral anomalies – and there were many.  Many liberal leaders and commentators had questioned election results in 2016., but they treated the 2020 results as sacrosanct.   Those who questioned the outcome were treated as pariahs.  President Trump was considered as chief among the malefactors.  He honestly believed that he was cheated out of victory, and he was foolish enough to hold a rally in Washington, D.C., on January 6,  2021, to protest the outcome.  Unfortunately, a few of his more rabid supporters decided to express their unhappiness with the electoral results by marching on the Capitol.  That lead to Trump’s second impeachment and another acquittal.

Along with this continuous litany of lies, Trump had to deal with sabotage from within the bureaucracy, especially within the State Department and the Department of Justice.   Tenured bureaucrats appeared ready to thwart him at every turn, and during the 2020 election the FBI apparently slow-walked their investigation into the damning evidence of Biden family corruption and foreign entanglement contained in Hunter’s laptop.

Trump is no angel.  He has many personal faults.  Nevertheless, he was an effective executive and had many positive accomplishments.  Considering the headwinds which he faced, it was surprising that he was able to achieve so much.   Unfortunately, the Covid epidemic made him more vulnerable to the lying leftists and helped lead to his defeat in 2020.

It’s a sad, sad  tale of dishonesty and deceit.  The saddest part is that this web of lies and bureaucratic sabotage has saddled us with a corrupt and horribly incompetent administration which we must endure for sometime longer. I pray that we survive it.,  Lord help us!

One thought on “The Great Deception

  1. I have just read your article, The Great Deception, and find it the most understandable and complete issues that led to defeat President Trump and placed Biden and followers in control. The news media, even Fox, seems to report war in Ukraine like a movie, interviewing and controlling what we learn as they cover the “front “lines…Russia needs a waterway and I believe we should negotiate on these terms. We are sending millions of dollars of equipment to fight war and soldiers aren’t trained as to use. Where are we training these soldier’s?? On a brighter note, I am continuing a busy schedule, just take longer to walk distances. Broadway play, CATS , at local Civic Center this past week, and Friday evening a concert of Neil Diamond’s music scheduled. Mary and Jamie coming for Mother’s Day Celebration.. Keeping up with Jim in PG. Might go down last part of July.. Thinking of you. Fondly, Betty April 19 2022

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