Bureaucratic Tyranny

When Congress passes legislation and the President signs it into law, enforcement is placed into the hands of the appropriate Federal department.  Bureaucrats within that department then develop the procedures and regulations that govern how the law is enforced.  Depending on how tightly or loosely the legislation was written, the enforcers may have considerable discretion as to how they interpret the law and apply it.  This gives unelected bureaucratic activists within certain federal agencies immense power.

Several states are now suing the Environmental Protection Agency because climate change activists in EPA are interpreting Federal laws in such a way as to virtually destroy the fossil fuel industry and wreck the economies of states like West Virginia and North Dakota.  Was that what Congress intended and approved?  The issue is now before the Supreme Court. 

Protect us from bureaucratic tyranny!

One thought on “Bureaucratic Tyranny

  1. What is often ignored are financial interests — SELFISH financial interests. The influence of those who will profit or lose by those bureaucrat regulations is rarely mentioned when legislation is written. And how to LIMIT their influence.

    NOTE: I got carried away. I wrote six Paragraphs with specific examples and then deleted them. My point is that agencies and bureaus are as likely to be corrupted as politicians. Those unelected organizations are far too effective in hiding flows of money.

    Just typical progressive policy – admirable intent with no looking back to see if it worked!

    So, just look for yourself at Wikipedia which starts off saying, “Legislative definitions of a federal agency are varied, and even contradictory.”



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